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As for the box of videos, they're missing and Little says he isn't getting any answers as to where they may be.

(3 ON YOUR SIDE) - An East Valley man thought he was doing the right thing by going digital. But in the process, Bob Little lost years of memories and now he can't get them back.

"This is a picture of Cindy and I (sic) when we were dating. I was in the military."

While Little looks at old photos of his wife, he recalls how courageous she was as she battled and ultimately lost her life to cancer.

"So, we went through and battled that for about two years and she passed away in January of '02."

Fortunately, Little has plenty of photos and home videos of his deceased wife. But recently he decided to preserve those pictures and video by transferring them to a digital platform.

And that's when he came across a company online that claimed it could do just that.

"Right here, so Southtree with 75 percent off with Groupon. This is for the video transfer."

Little thought to himself 75 percent off for transferring all that material was a heck of a deal.

"I bought this $350 voucher right here, $78 which was the Groupon price was through, so that's what I paid for."

Little bought the $78 Groupon and in return, the Southtree, which also goes Legacybox, forwarded him things like barcodes, pre-addressed shipping labels and tracking numbers so he could ship two boxes full of pictures and video back to them.

As a precaution, Little even snapped photographs of the boxes that he was about to ship just in case something happened.

"I sent the two boxes at the same time and apparently one box made it to them and one box didn't and they said it got lost in the mail somewhere."

Yeah, apparently the photos arrived and the company converted and shipped them back on a thumb drive just like they were paid to do.

However, as for the box of videos, they're missing and Little says he isn't getting any answers as to where they may be.

"I really just want the videos back at this point."

3 On Your Side got involved and we reached out to Southtree. We wanted to know, "did they receive Bob's videos," and if they did, "Did they ship them out?"

Basically, we wanted to know if Southtree had any information regarding Little's precious, but lost videos.

However, we received no answers.

3 On Your Side also got ahold of FedEx, which originally shipped the two boxes. They tell us they have "launched an internal investigation to locate (Little's) his shipment."

And then, there's this: While Southtree has an A-minus rating with the Better Business Bureau, they've managed to rack up 62 complaints, many which depict lost videos or pictures.

"It's a horrible situation to lose all these memories and the videos and hear her voice and her expression and playing with the kids, that is so invaluable to have to for me and especially for my kids for the future."

By the way, the company in that report is in Tennessee.

When it comes to sensitive material like photos and videos, you’re better off dealing with a local company so things don't get lost.

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