SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- One year ago, police say Dwight Jones terrorized the Valley, gunning down people left and right in a four-day rage that stemmed from a bitter divorce and custody battle.

[VIDEO: One year later: Dwight Jones' killing spree]

Now, the lead detective in the investigation told Arizona’s Family what was happening behind the scenes. And two of Jones' alleged intended victims spoke out about how deep their involvement was with him, and what’s happened since they narrowly escaped death.

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As May turned to June, summer of 2018 in Scottsdale suddenly became frozen in time, trapped in the middle of murder after murder.

“During those five days it seemed like it was the longest days we’ve experienced, ever,” said Sergeant Hugh Lockerby.

“Everyone was worried, and everyone was scared that they could be next.”

Lockerby heads up Scottsdale PD’s violent crimes unit, and didn’t realize that May 31 would be the start of a nightmare.

May 31, 2018

“Steven Pitt. His notoriety, his fame. That just really made this a very important case,” said Lockerby.

On that Thursday, Phoenix police responded to reports of a man gunned down at an office building just outside North Scottsdale.

That man was identified as world-renowned psychiatrist Steven Pitt.

But nobody knew why he would be targeted now.

Until just hours later. And not far away.

June 1, 2018

“I was driving my bus and there’s a lady who just came running up to me and she’s bleeding” was heard in a 911 call. “Oh my God, I don’t even know if she’s alive anymore,” the call went on.

“The first few hours was very chaotic. A lot of moving pieces,” said Lockerby.

Friday afternoon, two paralegals were found shot to death in a Scottsdale office. They were identified as Veleria Sharp and Laura Anderson.

That’s when a Scottsdale detective made an urgent call.

“He called me immediately and said, ‘Elizabeth, you need to come down to the office,” said Elizabeth Feldman.

The paralegals worked in Feldman’s law office. She had gone home early that day.

And as detectives worked, they found something alarming.

“It was a unique set of casings that was used in the law firm murders. Those same kinds of casings were the same ones found at the Steven Pitt murder,” said Lockerby.

And Feldman made the connection.

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“I think one of the first questions was ‘What’s the connection between your office and Pitt?’ And I would say, the Jones case,” said Feldman.

She had represented Connie Jones nearly a decade earlier in a divorce and custody case with her ex husband Dwight Jones.

That’s the only case Feldman shared with Dr. Pitt.

Then, that night, another body was found.

“Medic! I’m going to get them on the line don’t hang up!” was heard in a 911 call. “Oh my God!” you could hear the caller say on the line.

“About midnight, as we were wrapping up and kind of finishing up what we could do at the law firm murders, we heard on the police scanners officers responding to a shooting at a psychologist’s office,” Lockerby.

June 2, 2018

“What’s his name? Marshall Levine,” a frantic voice says on a 911 call.

In the early hours of June 2, police found life coach Marshall Levine murdered.

His officemate, Karen Kolbe, had left earlier that day.

Kolbe is a therapist who had treated Dwight Jones’ son.

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“They said ‘Does the name Dwight Jones mean anything to you?’ And the second they said it, I just looked at my husband sitting next to me and said ‘Oh my God he was after me. He was looking for me,'” said Kolbe.

Kolbe said she knew immediately Jones was a problem.

“It’s a matter of when I’m going to read a headline that said he went off. That’s how dangerous I assumed he was,” said Kolbe.

Attorney Elizabeth Feldman was putting the pieces together.

She made a call to her former client: the ex-wife of Dwight Jones.

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June 3, 2018

“I remember talking to her and Rick and they said, ‘Do you realize the third location is Karen Kolbe’s office?’ And that’s when I said Well, it’s obviously Dwight,'” said Feldman.

Feldman knew then, she was the one Jones allegedly wanted to kill, and immediately went to Scottsdale Police.

“We had detectives that were actively looking for Dwight Jones, and it was more intuition and luck that they came across his vehicle on Scottsdale Road,” said Lockerby.

They tracked his gold Mercedes to and from a home in Fountain Hills, and back to an Extended Stay hotel in Scottsdale where his ex-wife said he lived.

But officers decided to go to that Fountain Hills home to find out why he was going there.

And what they found inside wasn’t good.

“When you guys located his car and located him, at that point, you did not know that Bryon and Mary had been killed?” asked reporter Briana Whitney.

“That is correct,” said Lockerby.

They found Bryon Thomas and Mary Simmons, an older couple, shot dead.

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They had no connection to Jones' divorce or custody battle, but police discovered Jones may have asked them for money, and they told him no.

Jones' family was in hiding, so a detective flew by helicopter to get their DNA.

It matched evidence from the crime scenes.

Police knew they needed to move in, and fast.

June 4, 2018

In the morning, SWAT teams started evacuating guests at the Extended Stay hotel.

But before they could get to Jones, police say he shot out his window at officers, then took his own life.

In his hotel room and car, they found documents all related to his divorce case, names of people like Feldman and Kolbe, people Jones would seek out.

“How did you feel when you found out he was dead?” Whitney asked Kolbe.

“Relieved. Really relieved,” she said.

Jones' death left a lot of questions. The main one, why did he do this so many years later?

But Feldman had an answer for police.

Part 2:

Connie Jones hadn’t been with her ex-husband for over a decade.

But still, Dwight Jones chose to kill six people last year.

Her attorney, Elizabeth Feldman, said the answer why, lies in the bank.

Connie had been fully supporting Jones financially, but after five years, she was done paying alimony.

But what we now know, is Jones contacted her and Feldman after that for an IRA payment.

“How much was that?” asked reporter Briana Whitney.

“I want to say his portion was around $60 grand,” said Feldman.

“And that was given to him when?” asked Whitney.

‘I think it was given to him about January 2017,” said Feldman.

“So you think he ran out?” asked Whitney.

“Yes,” said Feldman.

“That would be the only triggering point at this point in his life,” said Sgt. Lockerby.

But something still doesn’t sit well with Karen Kolbe.

She was subpoenaed in April of 2010 to testify in court, in front of Jones, about what his son had told her in their private therapy sessions.

“When the attorney was asking me to show up in court with Dwight sitting there looking at me, I said I’m not comfortable with that,” Kolbe said.

She got her documents sealed by the custody negotiator and signed by a judge, then wrote an objection letter claiming testifying could put his son, and herself, in danger of Jones.

“I objected formally to the subpoena that I got to appear, and the response I got back from the attorney and approved by the judge was, too bad, you have to come anyway,” said Kolbe.

That attorney was Elizbaeth Feldman.

“She was very resistant. And I understand that personally, safety-wise, I even understand it professionally,” said Feldman. “The more willing she was, the better for our case. Did it put her in danger? Probably,” she said. “It comes with the jobs and the situation. It comes with my job too.”

“Nothing was gained, and Jones got a good look at me,” said Kolbe.

May 2019

A year later, after much reflection, both Feldman and Kolbe said the system is broken and left them in danger.

Feldman said Jones never should have been able to lawfully own a gun after a domestic violence arrest.

Kolbe said in the family court structure, there’s no protection for mental health professionals, or their client’s confidential conversations.

She said even though the case is closed, this is still a living hell.

“The extreme um… kind of crushing guilt that I’ve felt... has been a lot to work through,” said Kolbe.

And beyond the crime tape was always Sergeant Locker, who will never be able to question Jones.

But a year later, maybe he’s okay with that.

“If you had a chance to say anything to Dwight Jones, what would you say to him?” asked Whitney.

“Um….I don’t know,” Lockerby nervously laughed.

Then his face changed.

“When you’re dealing with a narcissistic, sociopathic killer, I don’t think there is one thing I would want to say to him.”


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(20) comments


This was such a terrible time last year for all families, friends and our AZ community. Our family member / friend was one of the two the Paralegals (whom both weren’t involved originally in the case from a decade ago – both taken away – this was led the case in the right direction unfortunately) was murdered by this mad man on June 1st led to the case. I watched this video story for the one year mark about the mental sick shooter that shot himself. I think this story is too much leaning towards the one year for the survivors (not a bad thing – glad it stopped) but what about the families of the non-survivor story? Those are the ones that are suffering the most and their families are still suffering with family and children. I am not trying to be grim but if you are going to take a horrific act of violence let’s not downplay those that lost their lives. [thumbdown]


This guy was nuts.


Picture tells a thousand words once again.


A year later these morons want to claim the system is broken and left them in danger? You brought it on yourselves, you put your poop covered noses where they did not belong and people who were innocent lost their lives. Their families should be able to sue you for everything you have and then you start life from scratch

JF Conlon

Dr Pitt was not "world-renowned", nor was he famous for anything, especially for being a "profiler". He was a psychiatrist hired by Ms. Brown to testify against her husband. If he had kept his opinions out of court, possibly none of these people would have died.

JF Conlon

oops . . . . Jones


He did something with the Jon Benet case.


Say what you want === my friend and no the others didn't need to be gunned down. If that's what you believe well.... ....

Stephanie Dyer

What sort of idiotic comment is this? Are you seriously suggesting that by becoming a person's divorce lawyer or their therapist they are putting their " poop covered noses where they did not belong"? That by doing *their jobs* they brought violence on themselves and they deserve to lose everything they have because of Jones' actions????

Ridiculous - NO ONE but Dwight Jones is responsible for the violence and death.


No one deserved to lose their life!!! Divorce from years ago or money. That's part of life. Start over = don't blame just pick up and keep moving!


That was mighty white of him. Murder no doubt , manslaughter , womanslaughter and homicide in past he got away with, yep we got some smart coppers , law and legal system out thier ! [scared]


People crack. Instantaneously. All we can do is hope we aren't near the next one that does. If you are armed or not, you won't see it coming [sad]


While it's terrible that mental health people and legal personnel involved in this custody case were killed, the FACT is that custody cases are FAR more dangerous for the spouses and children of these "narcissistic sociopaths" and the spouses and children don't get PAID to be involved. If the psychologists and attorneys are so concerned, then take other employment. Very often, these court hangers-on add fuel to custody case fires and don't do much to protect the real victims (the spouses and children).


I completely agree

Stephanie Dyer

So as far as you are concerned potential death is just a part of the job of being a lawyer? Because they get paid - too bad, so sad don't like it get another job.... So, if they took your advice what do you think Jones's now ex-wife and son would have done with no one to turn to for help?


Yes, innocent people who had nothing to do with this case from years prior, like my fiend had to be murdered, when this mental ill person who was looking for the attorney at the firm - walked in the office on June 1st 2018?


Who is Seargent Locker? "And beyond the crime tape was always Sergeant Locker, who will never be able to question Jones." You mean Lockerby.


Ms Nutsmaan - THAT is what you took away from this story?? Good grief. If you didn't believe me before when I said you were being silly about this stuff, now you should have no doubt.

Big Rich

This should not be a surprise at this site....5th graders write the stuff & 4th graders do the editing! LOL!

JF Conlon

Please, don't become an ultracrepidarian, U B bettr dan dat.

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