Gov. Doug Ducey at the White House

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey joined President Donald Trump and several other governors at the White House Thursday to discuss workforce mobility.

WASHINGTON (3TV/CBS 5 and AP) – Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey sat down with President Donald Trump at the White House Thursday to talk about workforce mobility and Arizona’s new law recognizing out-of-state occupational licenses.

Arizona became the first state in the nation to match job licenses for new residents when Ducey signed HB 2569 into law in April.

“You don’t lose your skills simply because you pack up a U-Haul truck and make the decision to move to Arizona,” Ducey, a Republican, said at the signing ceremony in April and repeated at the White House Thursday.

[WATCH: 'This [law] is really for the little guy.']

“Arizona is the place to be for opportunity — with a booming economy it’s one of the fastest growing states in the nation,” Ducey, one of several governors to take part in the discussion, said in a news release Thursday. “I was proud to represent our great state today at the White House and share how Arizona is eliminating burdensome government regulations and paving the way for opportunity for all our citizens.”

“This is really for the little guy – the working man, the person that comes to town … they want to earn a living and they want to get to work,” Ducey told Trump and the other governors.

“I applaud Gov. Ducey and I always have,” Trump said before inviting Ducey to talk about Arizona’s new law. “He’s doing a fantastic job in a fabulous state.”

Critics of the measure say licensing is about consumer safety and are concerned that there might be cases in which other states have more lenient licensing requirements than Arizona.

Under the new law, Arizona will automatically grant a professional license to anyone who becomes an Arizona resident and had a similar license for at least a year in another state without disciplinary action. Arizona’s licensing boards can test only for information specific to Arizona law.

The new law applies almost universally to the long list of licensed professions in industries including health care, dentistry, construction, real estate, hair care and funeral embalming. The only exceptions are lawyers, security guards and private investigators.

In addition to the Universal License Recognition law, which Ducey invited the other governors to emulate and implement, the governor also signed the Blowdry Freedom Act this year. Hairstylists who only provide blow-drying, curling and shampoo services won’t have to be licensed in Arizona.

Ducey called that law “a victory for common sense.”


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This law is a great idea that will entice more professionals to move to AZ. I'm mostly curious about what Ducey is doing about election fraud. After the tricks that were pulled by Adrian Fontes in the 2018 Senatorial race he better be taking some corrective action. We need a hard-nosed fighter to fix these problems, not genial guy with a hearty handshake.

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