CHANDLER, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - A 14-year-old girl is OK after getting hit by a car while she was riding her bike, but her mom’s a little upset the driver never called police nor the girl’s parents.

Amid the busy traffic at Ray and Rural roads in Chandler, Autumn Carmody was riding her bike on the sidewalk. When she came to a parking lot exit, she stopped, as did a green car that was about to leave.

“So I went and the car went as well, and she kind of stepped on the gas to make the car go pretty fast, and then I hit the front corner of it,” Carmody said.

Regardless of who was at fault, Carmody got knocked over and says she blacked out for a couple seconds.

“I thought that the car was just gonna keep going and go over my legs a bit,” she said.

The woman driving the car got out, helped Carmody up, and even helped her put the chain back on her bike. She told the teen the same thing happened to her when she was young. But then she drove off.

“She was nice and everything but it kind of seemed like she was also trying to get out of there in a hurry,” Carmody said.

The girl’s cell phone battery was dead. Not knowing that she should have collected some information from the woman, she walked her broken bike to her tutoring appointment. That’s where she finally told someone what happened, and was able to call her mom.

“She said, 'Mom, I just got hit by a car.' And so that sent me into a panic because I was clear out in Gilbert,” her mother Barbara Flickinger said.

Police came and took a report, but all they have is that a black woman was driving a green crossover – no plate, no name and no other information.

Now Mom is trying to use what happened as a wake-up call for other drivers.

“We don’t want to make trouble for [the driver], but somebody should have – I mean, she’s a kid!” Flickinger said. “Somebody should have stayed with her!”

The front wheel of the bike is bent, and Carmody is a little sore and bruised. Mom says their family has learned something for themselves from the scary ordeal.

“Number one, be very careful,” she said. “Number two, we probably should wear a helmet when we’re riding a bike.”


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(9) comments


Of course if it had been a white woman hitting a black girl rioting and protests would already be in progress.


Sorry that the bike got bent, but there are no victims here. No one was hurt. Teach your kid how to ride a bike safely. Nothing to see here.

AZ Native

Hey, MyOwnMind - maybe YOU should learn to comprehend what you read before spouting off. "Amid the busy traffic at Ray and Rural roads in Chandler, Autumn Carmody was riding her bike on the sidewalk." It sure reads like she WAS riding her bike on the sidewalk.


MyOwnMind "No comprende!"


How about not riding on the sidewalk? Ride in the direction of traffic with traffic. And buy a helmet before you fix the bike. The new flashing LED lights really help others to see the bike both coming and going so invest in some lights also. Funerals are so dang expensive and depressing.


She wasn't riding on the sidewalk Einstein. Learn to comprehend what you read. I wouldn't expect any less from you than blaming the victim.


"Autumn Carmody was riding her bike on the sidewalk".


She was riding her bike on the sidewalk = thus breaking traffic laws.

Big Rich

From the article:

Amid the busy traffic at Ray and Rural roads in Chandler, Autumn Carmody was riding her bike on the sidewalk.

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