CHANDLER, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Another wrong-way driver was stopped and taken into custody by troopers in the Phoenix area, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

This one was on the Loop 202 in Chandler overnight.

[WATCH: Wrong-way driver in custody in Chandler, DPS says]

DPS says Mark Rock, 34, was stopped on the Loop 202 between Kyrene Road and McClintock Drive around midnight.

Rock was reportedly going eastbound in the westbound lanes of the Loop 202, but it's unclear at this time where he may have entered the wrong direction.

Rock self-corrected on the Loop 202 before troopers were able to make contact with him.

DPS says Rock showed signs of impairment and was taken into custody.

[MAP: Wrong-way incidents in Arizona]

What charges he faces are still unknown.

DPS added no injuries were reported.

This was the second reported wrong-way incident in less than 24 hours in the Phoenix area. A wrong-way driver caused a serious crash Tuesday morning on Interstate 17 near Carefree Highway.

According to DPS' statistics, there have been over 80 DUI arrests for Arizona wrong-way drivers already in 2019.

[READ MORE: DPS: NB I-17 reopens after wrong-way crash at Carefree Hwy in north Phoenix]

No other information was made available.


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