Pedro Javier Aguila Muniz was arrested at DPS Headquarters Wednesday on multiple felony charges.

Pedro Javier Aguila Muniz was arrested at DPS Headquarters Wednesday on multiple felony charges.

PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- A Department of Public Safety trooper has been arrested after investigators say they found he falsified timesheets and using his state-issued credit card to buy gas for other people.

[VIDEO: First court appearance for DPS Trooper arrested on charges of fraud, forgery credit card theft]

Pedro Javier Aguila Muniz, 27, was arrested at DPS Headquarters Wednesday on multiple felony charges.

Those charges include fraud, forgery, theft of a credit card and fraudulent use of a credit card.

The investigation began in late May when detectives with DPS learned of alleged off-duty misconduct of Trooper Muniz.

Detectives say that on multiple occasions, Muniz "claimed excessive hours which he had not actually worked" when he was working off-duty jobs.

The continued investigation revealed more discrepancies in Muniz's time cards, showing that he had allegedly logged on and off well before and after the scheduled start and end times of his off-duty jobs. Police documents state that Muniz falsified 27 out of 27 off-duty job vouchers.

Muniz is also accused of forging information for his on-duty timesheets and possibly forging his mileage records.

Investigators also accuse Muniz of fraudulent use of a state-issued fuel credit card that was only supposed to be used for authorized fuel purchases.

Detectives say he used that card to buy gas for vehicles belonging to his girlfriend and family members.

Muniz has been released on his own recognizance.

His next court date is set for July 25.

DPS posted a response to Muniz's arrest on its website.

The statement reads:

On Wednesday, July 10, 2019, after an internal audit and investigation, Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) detectives arrested 27-year-old Pedro Javier Aguila Muniz at the department’s headquarters. Aguila had been assigned to the Highway Patrol Division’s Metro [Phoenix] Bureau for approximately two years.

Aguila was booked into the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office 4th Avenue Jail on charges of fraudulent schemes and artifices/practices, fraudulent use of a credit card, forgery, theft of a credit card and unauthorized access of criminal history.

In May 2019, AZDPS initiated a criminal investigation into Aguila, after discovery was made of his willful pattern to defraud off-duty law enforcement employment vendors. Discrepancies with Aguila’s record keeping relating to his on-duty time sheets and patrol vehicle mileage usage revealed he used his assigned patrol vehicle for personal use and to hide unauthorized fuel purchases with a State of Arizona fuel credit card.

Detectives gathered evidence of Aguila using a state issued credit card to purchase and dispense fuel 21 times, into four personal vehicles between January and July of 2019.

Aguila was also found to be using the Arizona Criminal Justice Information System (ACJIS) in violation of state law and policy by querying persons without having a criminal justice purpose.

“Aguila’s extensive misuse of department issued property and his willingness to violate clear and specific laws, policies and rules was evident throughout the investigation conducted by our detectives,” said AZDPS Director, Colonel Frank Milstead.


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(35) comments


From one LEO to a former LEO...u r a shtbag


Muniz been released on his own recognizance because he's a honest cop.


So every ticket, dui, arrest should be dismissed because this guy was dirty!!! But I doubt DPS will look into any of his cases...


Probably the tip of his iceberg.

Honk Honkler

Muniz? Sounds Irish or Scottish






Me - 1, Marley - 0


Total count for lobotomies, shucks, you win again!


Seems like they glossed over that charge about illegal access to criminal background. I would love to hear more about that part. Stealing gas and all the timesheet offenses is bad yes but it sounds like he was possibly stalking someone maybe a girlfriends ex or an ex girlfriend? This is far more criminal then stealing gas and they barely even mention it. Fale news cover up.


So not good for all of Law Enforcement when one of their own goes awry. Any Law Enforcement Officer, including Lawyers, Judges, Prison Guards, etc. should at the least get twice the penalty of all other criminals.


How do you arrive at that conclusion? At last check, State of Arizona has a uniform sentencing guideline, now we should ignore sentencing statutes on an ala carte basis?


You are wrong, There are aggravating circumstances in multiple the ARSs. LEOs have access and authority the common citizen doesn't have. When you violate those privileges you have aggravated the crimes.


Surprise, surprise, surprise. Who are the real criminals? The cops, or the innocent people they assault/murder????


By definition, innocent people are not criminals? Oh you said "(real) criminals".... You provided a binary choice which doesn't represent a plausible answer. Sorry, you lose your keyboard privileges for 48 hours.

Wayne kenoff

I’m glad obey, daddy, and marley aren’t 100% stupid. Not one of them said this was an “illegal”. Which is funny considering every other Hispanic that commits a crime, is automatically an illegal in their eyes.


No, not every one is illegal, plenty of legal fuc ups committing more than their share of crimes. It's OK for you to make anti-white comments constantly but you cry when it comes back at you. I never assume a person's citizenship status, but will call out criminal behavior, so too bad.

Wayne kenoff

Hahahaha wwhat???!!! You always say send them back or some derogatory comment. Which is fine, I clap back [cool]


If they happen to be here illegally, yes, send them back. Pretty straight forward statement.[tongue_smile]


Hopefully this dumb a-ss will get the book thrown at him.


...and hopefully you'll stop being involved in child p.orn. Leave those kids alone.


Careful Daddy Dummy your stupidity is showing


Nah dbreath, no stupidity showing. You just can't think of anything else to say.


Like I said Daddy Dummy Dummy your stupidity is showing


Real estate investment is not simply a hobby, it's a passion. I like that with minimal investment I've easily gotten so much space in your head that it made you hop out of bed at 🕓4:00am to send me a message. Sounds like you had a rough night of tossing and turning and thinking 😆 I slept like a log 💤


Good cop, bad cop ! Now that' s a very very bad cop you did a naughty thing. And he looks like Chips! [crying]


May I suggest that you read more and type less? Please?


Released on O.R.? With multiple felony charges? Most people would not be OR'd with this many felony charges. Instead of being made an example of for violating public trust he seems to already be receiving leniency in his treatment.


Non-violent charges and you do realize there are several degrees of felonies as well as misdemeanors, correct? He should/will be charged just like anybody else.


Different degrees of felonies and misdemeanors? Are you sure about that?


"He should/will be charged just like anybody else." Maybe, but the outcome I bet will be very different. How many bad cops is that today Marley Menace?


3, still leaves about 699,999 give or take. Your point?


I'm still waiting for the work records and news reports of those remaining 699,999 officers, Marley Menace!


If convicted, his punishment should be swift and severe to include incarceration and full restitution. Peace officers who intentionally violate the public trust should be dealt no mercy.


Completely agree. This guy is a dirt bag.

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