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BUCKEYE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - A man is dead after he lost control of his Land Rover and crashed on the Interstate 10 in Buckeye on Monday afternoon.

It happened on the eastbound side near Palo Verde Road just before 1 p.m.

The man, who has not been identified, couldn't control the Rover after his tire blew out and rolled over.

He died at the scene.

A woman was also in the Land Rover and she was taken to the hospital in Goodyear. Her condition is unknown.

An investigation is underway.


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A tire low on air for any number of reasons, that may not have been know until it blew out will cause the tire to blow out! I didn't read anything in the story about Speed being a factor or any of these other stupid comments being factors. I'm sure a Full Investigation has to be done before anyone outside this Gentleman's family will be told! No matter How, Where or whatever, this is a Tragic Loss for His Family, Friends and Loved Ones! How about You show some Compassion???


People will not slow down. If the speed limit is 75, they will go 85-90. You can't fix stupid!!! They blow a tire and roll, oh well, I don't feel sorry for them


That's my family youre talking bout . I don't need your sorrows . low life . You don't know what happened so keep your opinions to yourself .


Summer temps will blow worn or old tires. You'll notice a lot more tire debris on our freeways at the onset of the extreme heat. Keep your tires maintained, its easy to forget, until something like this happens.


in my junior high school journalism class back in 1980 in writing for our dumb little "newspaper" my teacher said we were not allowed to submit an article unless the following were met: who, what, when, where, how and why. Pathetic little article. in my dozens of trips to LA and back me thinks, perhaps, that the driver was going, um, about, 85 to 90 mph. will be interesting to see if anyone follows up and answers those questions.


That was Junior High.. This Is Life!




David Baker, how difficult is it to do investigative journalism? An 8th grader could do a better job at reporting. Did you even ask officers if the driver was wearing his seat belt? Or do you simply not care? Readers do, I assure you.


Umm. What's the story?


111th ave is not Buckeye.


Palo Verde isn't 111th avenue, you're thinking of Avondale Blvd. Palo Verde is out past MC 85, near Sun Valley Parkway.


Let night this 12 year old reporter wrote it was at 111th ave. He’s changed it since. He just puts gibberish on paper without finding out more facts or looking at a map

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