MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- A man was arrested after he impersonated a Mesa police officer while performing a traffic stop on the U.S. 60 last week, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

DPS said Sgt. Brandon Powell noticed an SUV initiating a traffic stop on a car while traveling westbound on U.S. 60 near Lindsay Road on Thursday, May 9.

[VIDEO: Man arrested impersonating Mesa officer on U.S. 60]

The SUV had red and blue strobe lights and Powell believed the SUV was an unmarked law enforcement vehicle.

Powell stopped to assist and approached the SUV driver who was out of his vehicle and speaking with the female driver in the car.

According to the news release, the driver "did not have a firearm on his waist and was wearing a shirt embroidered with the letters, 'MESA POLICE' on a gold badge."

[WATCH: Neighbors react to man who police said impersonated a Mesa police officer]

Powell called Mesa Police to verify the driver's status with the agency.  It wasn’t long before driver’s story fell apart.

“It was funny because the Mesa Sgt. Was like, 'Man, I recognize this guy from somewhere.  Let me go run him through our system,'” said Powell. "He comes back a couple minutes later and said, 'We arrested him ten years ago for impersonating an officer and I was the sergeant on that call.”

Powell determined the driver, identified as 28-year-old Joshua Hillman, was not a law enforcement officer, nor was he affiliated with the Mesa Police Department, after he began questioning him.

Court records show, in 2009, a convenience store clerk reported Hillman came in wearing a badge around his neck and said he was looking for a woman with a pink bag.

Mesa Police arrested him down the street, according to documents, and officers found Hillman carrying a revolver, two pocket knives, and handcuffs.

Hillman was later convicted of impersonating a peace officer.

DPS said Hillman admitted he utilized red and blue lights in the past when contacting stranded motorists.

Hillman was arrested and booked into jail for impersonating a police officer and three counts of kidnapping.

DPS is asking anyone who may have been contacted by Hillman while he impersonated a police officer to come forward by contacting 877-272-8329 or click here.


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(47) comments


HEY! I personally know this man. I dated this man, but we are just good friends now. He is NOT a bad man. He is NOT dangerous. All he ever wants to do is help. He never hesitates when anyone needs help. He’s a good man that made a really stupid decision. He would never hurt anyone. He loves people and just wants to fit in and feel important like the rest of us... Yeah he took it too far, more than maybe “most” would, but that doesn’t make him a bad person. None of us are perfect.


........LMAO!! OK.


They probably had him under surveillance for awhile before they closed the net on him.

Dusty Rose

I am very interested to know if this guy stopped only women. Wonder if he's raped any it killed any, because he definitely sounds like he could have. Glad you got this scum off the streets, if only for a short time.


I know this man. He’s NOT dangerous and would never hurt anyone. Yes it’s scary, but I assure you he’s not a threat.


Then tell him he is a POS douche, who even failed at making my sandwiches. [thumbup] And we all see now, why he could never be a REAL law enforcement officer. You gonna visit him once he is sentenced to a state prison?


He stopped me last weekend and conducted a anal cavity check but I just thought that's how the Mesa PD rolls ???


You've got to stop requesting those AZRep...


Seriously, what is wrong with some people? Impersonating a Police Officer. How about impersonating someone who has a real life?


The way he was caught cracks me up - I mean, I could be wrong, but he just seems to be a moron rather than dangerous. Having said that - the fact that a real officer tried to pull over to assist and was thinking "WTH is this?!?!" is HILARIOUS. Can you imagine what was going through his head when the real officer showed up?!?!?


Lol, yes, that's pretty funny. As far as the real officer, in an unmarked vehicle, saying he just happened to be there and decided to "assist", keep in mind law enforcement do not like to give up their tactics and strategies for catching bad guys. I'm thinking this was more of a set up than a random officer stumbling upon the situation. The woman who was pulled over by the fake 'officer' was probably bait and resembles the appearance of other women this weirdo has pulled over in the past. Notice they have a picture of the front of his vehicle with his face while he's driving? They were likely around him for awhile taking pics and getting evidence before he pulled over the bait detective/informant. "Well by golly it was just dumb luck that I happened upon the guy we've been wanting, right when he was in the middle of committing his crime again". Lol, yeah, okay, sure. Good one officer(s), as in, good job and well played.

TRUMP supporter

Just like all the illegals a wannabe.


Keep in mind when you're debating the finer points and nuances of appropriate criminal charges, you're basing your untrained opinions on a newspaper article - hardly an accurate or detailed account of what took place. Yes, I know it's fun for you to play cop or prosecutor (everybody needs a hobby) just don't invest too much energy (or credibility) in your opinion knowing you lack significant details about the incident.


I imagine if a motorist was onto the RUSE, they could legally kick his A$$ right there on the side of the road! I think fearing for your safety and defending yourself against a fake cop is entirely legit.


Impersonating a sane person also ! [sneaky]

Agustus Gloop

“One time? You can bet she had been a trouble maker all of her life and karma caught up with her. As far as being hateful, you are one of the worst I have ever seen.” Dean
“Ever notice how 'white on white' violence is usually domestic-related and they don't present a threat to the public in general?? I mean, still not cool to kill your mom, but at least they don't visit their problems on innocent third parties.” ObeyLaws
I am new to this genre and very impressionable. So, using quotes from those people, I will speculate what happened here, and speculation is fact for those people.
You can bet Joshua Hillman had been a trouble maker all of his life, 28 years, and karma caught up to him. How many victims do you speculate? Remember, he appears….no, he’s white. He’s definitely white because it will help make my point. How many? How many people did he pull over? Must have raped and robbed most of them. How about all the people he could have harmed, raped, robbed or slaughtered in the next mile? So, we don’t have that wall and the town is flooded with those people that don’t look like us and here’s JH, committing crimes, only on white people? Is he that good, selected only victims that looked like him? Absolutely, and the proof is right up there in ObeyLaw’s quote.

Agustus Gloop

Is there a way to edit or delete my posts?


nahh. I have checked the account are many times. lots of times I see I have missed a word here and there; misspelled MANY words etc. Kind of the reason I try to focus on the message, and not the manner it was sent. In person, that may make a difference; but not in the interwebz. [batman]

Agustus Gloop

Thanks, Is that a image our you?


Its an image of Francis "Cadillac Frank" Salemme. Former New England Boss of the Patriarca Crime Family. When I was growing up, the big joke in the family was to say "you better behave or Cadillac Frank is gonna come visit you!" :) ahh childhood


Yes - Teo edit or delete posts press F3 and F5 at simultaneously while pressing esc key with your right ring finger and then press delete key three times with your right pinky finger. This will take you to the screen you need to be at to delete and edit posts. You're welcome.


poor guy.. he was only trying to get her number


The guy is a Manager at Port of Subs!! HAHA!!!


[lol][thumbdown][lol][thumbdown] BUT...his wanna-be cop shtick least he works.


I did think about that though LOL!


matter of fact, we could say he works harder being a fake cop than someone sucking on welfare!


What a weirdo. What is the mindset of a person who pretends to be a cop?. It's bad enough seeing these goofballs driving around in old crown vics or other similar looking 'police cars'. I wonder if they've figured out yet why everybody slows down in front of them and won't speed up or move. Ha, it's 'cause they think you're a cop when they see you in their rear view mirror dork. Get a different car and start being on time to your destinations.

Agustus Gloop

Didn't realize you won't ride in a "crown vic." I'll just rent a car for our road trip. And you are wrong about one, thing. When you (not me) flip those blinking berries and cherries on, all those slow pokes, driving the speed limit, scatter to the median and curb. Open roadway, Little Buddy, Skipper, what should I call you?


Daddy Dummy what’s in the mind set of a racist idiot like yourself who tries to pretend nobody knows he’s another racist idiot


Imagine the thoughts and fear the lady must have felt when she realized that he was not a real cop! Dude probably flunked out of the academy and needed that sense of power.


The ones ive seen never even made it to the academy.


Failed the written.






3 counts of kidnapping? seems like a reach there


I agree. Back in my day we used a jus take em guys like this out behind the wood shed and in no longer than a crickets whistle we was assured they ain’t done nothing like that again.


Police are trained to charge with the highest charge and with as many charges as they can, even if it's a 'stretch', in order to give prosecutors room to work with for a plea deal. So now the prosecutor can offer a plea deal of dropping the kidnapping charges and keeping the impersonating a police officer charge. Probably throw in a disorderly conduct charge as well.

Agustus Gloop

"Charge with the highest charge" C'mon Daddy!!! just dropping one of them there "charges," your sentence will flow so much nicer. Rest of your structure is tolerable, just a bit long. Remember, less is more.


Yeah Aghast, go ahead and focus on what I said and not how I said it.


Do you doubt what I said Aghast, re how charging works between police and prosecutors?

Agustus Gloop

I agree with what say, and you say it well. I have experienced the process, but from a different point of view, than Tom and you. However, we are focusing on you, today. I wanna clean up this nasty writing so people can't call you derogatory names implying you are do I put this? Not as smart as them. I count six, "charge(s)" in that well structured paragraph. Knock some of those out and replace with synonyms. Don't expect results overnight but they will come in time....respect from those people.


I agee with YOU as well. While I enjoy reading your comments, I do feel it necessary to be critical at this point. If you want to criticize another users grammar, please make sure yours is on point.
" However, we are focusing on you, today" You do not need the comma.
"implying you are do I put this? Not as smart as them"
get rid of the ...., add a comma. Then get rid of the ? and put a semi-colon. then put the ? after the word THEM.
"I count six, "charge(s)" " No need for comma.
" Knock some of those out and replace with synonyms"
Synonyms are indeed important, as are as pronouns. Put a THEM after REPLACE.
"Don't expect results overnight but they will come in time....respect from those people."
I would put a comma after OVERNIGHT.
Not sure what you were going after with that last bit, so i'll leave it alone.

Agustus Gloop

Hey, kill the messenger? I'm trying to help Daddy here. Where have you been all this time Daddy needed you? Can I edit/delete my posts? Difficult to type in this little box, proof and post. Every time I do, I see mistakes. And, like I said yesterday, I'm here to work on my writing. That post I did up top, worked it out in Word. Copy, paste and it's screwed up. At least with Sex Dungeon Dude in the news, you don't consider me the most whacked dude in the valley, anymore.


Haha, "I have experienced the process, but from a different point of view, than Tom and you", okay so you're one of the cops that are on here, one of the who knows how many. I already suspected it of a few 'people' on here, (Detective Dean you still on here?). That being the case, you know exactly who I am. Got a question you want to ask me or something you want to say to me? Give me a call any time, you know my number. Ha.

Agustus Gloop

Hey Daddy!!!!!!!
Read my post again. You and Tom are in law enforcement, I saw the other side. I have been charged with crimes, I have been to court, I have been offered a plea deal to plead guilty to a lesser crime. Hope you and Tom don't hate me now that it's fact, I'm POS Scunbag that deserves to die


Well, depends on the AZ legal definition of kidnapping. My guess its somewhere along the lines of " unlawfully restraining someone against their will." Seems that would qualify in this case.


So here is the definition...
According to A.R.S. § 13-1304 a person commits kidnapping by knowingly restraining another person with the intent to:
•Hold the victim for ransom, as a shield or hostage; or
•Hold the victim for involuntary servitude; or
•Inflict death, physical injury or a sexual offense on the victim, or to otherwise aid in the commission of a felony; or
•Place the victim or a third person in reasonable apprehension of imminent physical injury to the victim or the third person; or
•Interfere with the performance of a governmental or political function; or
•Seize or exercise control over any airplane, train, bus, ship or other vehicle.

Soooo I guess they would use the last point for their charges. I DO think that is a slight stretch, since his INTENT was to pretend to be a LEO. But he did SEIZE the vehicles..if for only a few mins each time.

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