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Mugshots of suspect Desarae Grace Sherbrooke, 21, and Jesus Antonio Reyes, 30. (Source: MCSO)

MESA AZ (3TV/CBS 5)--Two people were arrested following a chase that occurred on several Valley freeways.

The incident happened at around noon Saturday.

DPS identified the suspects Monday as 21-year-old Desarae Grace Sherbrooke, the driver and her passenger, Jesus Antonio Reyes, 30.

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, a trooper made a traffic stop on US 60 at Gilbert for littering.

DPS said one of the suspects got out of the vehicle and started to run.

The suspect got back in the vehicle and the vehicle fled the scene, DPS said.

A short pursuit happened following the incident.

The pursuit ended on State Route 202 near Greenfield Road when the vehicle came to a stop, DPS said.

Both suspects were taken into custody without incident.

Sherbrooke was booked for several charges including unlawful flight, criminal littering and possession of dangerous drugs. While Reyes was booked on a probation violation. 


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There most likely are other circumstances which caused the occupants inside the vehicle to flee the state trooper(s).

Did they ingest evidence, that maybe had it been discovered inside the car once stopped would have been damning for them? Maybe.

Did they have some embarrassing situation to overcome before making contact with someone outside the vehicle? As sure as there are purple colored pills in the world, it is possible.

Did they get caught in the wrong part of town? Was it that these people needed to be closer to home before they stopped so that it would not be necessary to explain to a loving 'other' what is it that took them on the U.S. 60 during the hour of the day? Pursuees have fled for much less.

Did those who decided to elude authorities on a sunny Saturday morning over what would have likely been nothing more than a littering ticket, give the situation much thought or even paused to consider the consequences of not stopping? Not likely.

Did they have some other concern for which they will never admit to as being the reason for not stopping? Most likely choice for possible of reasons. Perhaps it was in an in the moment reaction.

It is obvious whatever the reason for the attempted flight from law enforcement it is unlikely they wanted to face the making of the news and to be the focus of curious citizens like myself, who are wondering 'why didn't these bozo's stop, what were they thinking?


According to this article, DPS engaged in a "high speed" pursuit of a suspect for the crime of LITTERING. Now I'm all for holding law breakers accountable, but if DPS troopers are authorized to engage in high speed pursuits of such extremely low level offenders maybe Ducey does need to look at replaced Milstead...


Pursuits can be initiated for a number of reasons. Remember, police can only stop you if they have 'reasonable suspicion' that you may be engaged in a violation or criminal behavior, or 'probable cause' that such a crime has been committed and you're the mark. They can't just stop you for any old reason. As such, there are a lot of laws on the books that exist but are rarely, if ever, enforced on their own. If a cop suspects you may be engaged in criminal behavior but lacks reasonable suspicion (a hunch does not meet this test), they can use one of these violations to make a traffic stop (officer seeing someone throw something out the window is 'probable cause' that littering happened and that meets the test for a traffic stop), in order to investigate another occurrence that might otherwise not meet RS/PC. This may have been one of those stops. Was the driver suspended? Car has no insurance? Driver known to law enforcement to be tied to criminal activity?

It's not every day that someone gets stopped for littering. Think about that.

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