Mugshot of suspect Robin Arreaga. (Source: MCSO)

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - A Phoenix man was arrested for running a cockfighting ring from his home after police discovered the scene while making a welfare check over the weekend. Officials said there was evidence of cockfighting, including tools for fighting.

Robin Arreaga, 50, was arrested and will face seventy counts of cockfighting, according to courtroom documents.

Phoenix police officers responded to a home in the area near 27th Avenue and Buckeye Road Sunday around 11 a.m. after a person told them he was cut on the face over night and held there.

When officers arrived, they found a secure compound with a 6-foot wall and locked steel gate. Officers saw numerous people inside the property, some were jumping the fence and running from the area, said documents.

Once officers got inside the property, they found signs of a cockfighting operation, including a pit area for fights, syringes, talon covers, ties, and dozens of cages with roosters. They also found 60 chickens on the property, along with a peacock, ducks, rabbits and several dogs. Dozens of people were held while police checked out the property.

Courtroom paperwork indicates several witnesses told police they were at three different cock fights at the residence Saturday night.

The Arizona Humane Society was also called in order to look into the welfare of the animals. "There is also a cockfighting pit in there that is used for fighting and the large amount of roosters that have been transported here in individual carrying crates or crates or wooden boxes," said Miller.

AHS said it wouldn't have found out about the suspect cockfighting ring if police didn't show up to the place on an unrelated call. 

"This ring is really sophisticated," said Miller. "They do a really good job of keeping their business private."

AHS said there are about 65 roosters, about 50 hens, a guinea hen, two dogs, four rabbits, a mother duck and about 11 ducklings.

Miller said there will be a hold on the animals while they get tested and once that's over, they will be adopted out or sent to farms.


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There all pigs, they wanna do stuff like abuse animals go live in a gutter,your a pig an have no business hurting animals for your gain. Try getting a real job


Hi. If this activity is illegal, than these (blanks) should go to jail and pay any fines that's due!


Ha! And his name is really Robin right? How times has he been deported before now? POS ANIMAL ABUSE!


Lock the leader and the participants up and throw away the key!


Ah, to be a dreamer...


Part of that Mexican rich cultural heritage. If you're OK with them living here, you have to accept their heritage. Make wiser choices at the polls. #browncancer



JF Conlon

Such an aptly named 'sport'. Maybe if it was called chicken fighting, it would go the way of bear baiting.


I thought cockfighting ended in the 19th century. Should these people be in jail or in a museum?


I thought abortion was legal. how'd you slip through?


Why so angry?


Same way u did.

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