CHANDLER, Ariz. -- In March, 3TV exposed 'My Secret House.' The woman who lives in the Chandler home was hosting adult swinger's parties.

The house boasts a dungeon, whipping posts, voyeur room and sex swings.

Tanya Rathjen throws the sex-themed parties.

In April, a Maricopa County Code Enforcement officer cited Rathjen for running a home-based business without proper permits.

“Let me show you another document about ‘My Secret House’ and a lingerie party on March 31st. Does that also indicate a charge for admission?,” questioned Wayne J. Peck a deputy county attorney for Maricopa.

Peck and Rathjen faced each other at a hearing inside the Maricopa Planning and Development office on Tuesday.

Concerned neighbors showed up with their babies, wanting to know if 'My Secret House' will be shut down. “It's a perfect street, perfect house, perfect neighborhood for that. It's an unorthodox neighborhood. It's a perfect location. We're minding our own business and it's totally private,” said Rathjen.

Rathjen said the party-goers were driving Mercedes and Bentleys and they are respectable adults who showed respect for her neighbors.

As for the entry fee, Rathjen said the money was just contributions to her 'Multiple Hands On’ and ‘Bad Boy’ parties.

Inside the hearing Rathjen told the judge she’s stopped hosting parties and she's moving.

“I live caddy corner from the place and it will be wonderful to have our street back,” said neighbor, Judy Cochran.

Rathjen is renting this giant home tucked away at the end of a cul-de-sac.

Peck asked the judge to fine Rathjen and the owner of the home, who also showed up to the hearing, $10,000.

“I don't think they'll impose the fine. I just got a slap on the wrist and I’m good to go,” said Rathjen.

The judge has two weeks to decide if he will impose the maximum fine.


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