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Most scenic drives in Arizona

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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS5) -- Fill up your gas tank, check your tire pressure and get out and drive because Arizona is home to some of the most scenic drives across America.

Whether it is the Apache Trail, Historic Route 66 or the gorgeous red rocks of Sedona through Highway 89A, there are tons of beautiful views a quick road trip away. 

Check out the most scenic roadways in Arizona separated by regions.

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Historic Route 66 All-American Road

Road trip to Seligman: Meeting up with 'guardian angel' of Route 66

Route 66 in Seligman. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

~ Chief Meteorologist Royal Norman's Editor's Note:  Route 66 is hard to find east of Flagstaff. Sometimes all that’s left is a decaying road a few hundred feet off Interstate 40. But west of Ashfork, you can pick up Route 66 and drive it all the way into Kingman. The scenery is decidedly barren but it’s still a cool ride. A lot of folks like to stop at the Hackberry General Store. You can’t get gas there, but you can take a step back in time and buy some Route 66 memorabilia.

~ Region: Arizona's West Coast & Northern Arizona

~ Distance: 400 miles (Topock to Ash Fork to Lupton)

~ Roadway: Oatman Hwy to State Route 66 and all the way to Lupton

~ Points of Interest: Oatman, Powerhouse Museum (Kingman), Mohave Museum of History and Art (Kingman), Keepers of the Wild Nature Park (Valentine), Grand Canyon Caverns, Grand Canyon Railway (Williams), Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, Wupatki National Monument, Meteor Crater, La Posada Hotel (Winslow), Native American Dances (Holbrook), Petrified Forest National Park and Painted Desert, Kaibab Plateau

~ Status: This road is a nationally recognized scenic drive.  It is on the All-American Road list. This stretch of Route 66 is one of the most preserved sections of the historic U.S. route.

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Coronado Trail National Scenic Byway

Scenic Drives - Coronado Trail Scenic Byway

Coronado Trail Scenic Byway (Source: ADOT)

~ Editor's Note: This road includes 400 switchbacks and has been called “the curviest road in the United States”. You’ll start at a 3,500-foot elevation and climb to nearly 7,000 feet. It's earned the moniker of "The Devil's Highway."

~ Region: North Central Arizona

~ Distance: 123 miles

~ Roadway: Begins on US 191 in Morenci and Ends on 180 in Springerville

~ Points of Interest: Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, Nelson Reservoir, Hannagan Meadow, Morenci Open Pit Copper Mine, Casa Malpais Indian Ruins and Archaeological Park (Springerville)

~ Status: This road is a nationally recognized scenic drive.  It is on the National Scenic Byway list.

Desert to Tall Pines Scenic Road

Scenic Drives - Desert to Tall Pines Scenic Road

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park. See this amazing site while traveling the Desert to Tall Pines Scenic Road. (Source:

~ Chief Meteorologist Royal Norman's Editor's Note: This is one of my favorite drives when new visitors come to the state. It’s easy, about 90 minutes from the Valley, and you’re delivered to the Tonto Natural Bridge. It’s so nice, especially on a hot, summer day to climb down the steps and get into the cavern. The historic Goodfellow Lodge is worth a peak with lots of information about the area. And, although I’ve never done it, I think you can make arrangements to stay the night there and even cook your own dinner.

Region: North Central Arizona

~ Distance: 74 miles

~ Roadway: Begins on SR 288 at the junction of SR 188 and goes north until 288 ends at SR 260

~ Points of Interest: Tonto Natural Bridge State Park (Payson), Pleasant Valley Cemetery (Young)

~ Status:  This road is a state-designated scenic road.

Dry Creek Scenic Road

Scenic Drives - Dry Creek Scenic Road

Devil’s Bridge Trail is a very popular hike through the red rocks of Sedona. Take this hike while driving the Dry Creek Scenic Road. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

~ Editor's Note: This route is known for its stunning views of the iconic red rocks of Sedona. 

~ Region: North Central Arizona

~ Distance: 7 miles

~ Roadway: Begins on SR 89A at the intersection of N Page Springs Rd and goes north until the intersection of SR 179 in Sedona

~ Points of Interest: Red Rock State Park (Sedona), Page Springs Hatchery, Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village, Devil's Bridge Trail

~ Status:  This road is a state-designated scenic road.

Jerome-Clarkdale-Cottonwood Historic Road

Scenic Drives - Jerome-Clarkdale-Cottonwood Historic Road

The historic mining town of Jerome sits on the north east slope of Mingus Mountain. Check this out while driving the Jerome-Clarkdale-Cottonwood Historic Road.

~ Chief Meteorologist Royal Norman's Editor's Note: I love the drive to Jerome, especially from Prescott. If you come from that direction you get to go over the top of Mingus Mountain and you meet Jerome on the east side. It’s crazy how fast the vegetation changes from grassland to chaparral to Ponderosa Pines in a very short period of time.

I tell folks Jerome is like Bisbee, except it’s on a hill while Bisbee is mainly in a canyon. Jerome is famous for authentic everything, from watering holes to antiques. There’s even a hotel they say is haunted, but I think they only say that to get more customers. I’ve stayed there several times and never saw anything remotely ghostly.

Down the hill in Clarkdale, there are some tremendous restaurants.

~ Region: North Central Arizona

~ Distance: 10 miles

~ Roadway: Begins on SR 89A in Jerome and travels along SR 89A all the way to Bridgeport. Highway 89A curves toward the historic town of Jerome through a series of scenic switchbacks and a climb up and down the summit of Mingus Mountain.

~ Points of Interest: Jerome Historic District, Historic Downtown Clarkdale, Old Town Cottonwood Historic District, Tuzigoot National Monument (Clarkdale), Dead Horse Ranch State Park (Cottonwood), Verde Canyon Railroad (Clarkdale), Sycamore Canyon Wilderness

~ Status:  This road is a state-designated historic road.

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Joshua Forest Scenic Road

Scenic Drives - Joshua Forest Scenic Road

See Joshua Tree National Park while driving the Joshua Forest Scenic Road. (Source: Brad Sutton of Nat'l Park Service)

~ Region: North Central Arizona

~ Distance: 54 miles

~ Roadway: US 93 from Wickenburg to Wikieup

~ Points of Interest: Hassayampa River Preserve, Desert Caballeros Western Museum (Wickenburg), Historic Wickenburg, Wikieup Trading Post (Wikieup)

~ Status:  This road is a state-designated scenic road.

Mingus Mountain Scenic Road

Scenic Drives - Mingus Mountain Scenic Road

Jerome was build on the side of Mingus Mountain. Check it out by driving the Mingus Mountain Scenic Road.

~ Chief Meteorologist Royal Norman's Editor's Note: I remember getting to near the top of Mingus Mountain and having to turn around one winter day because the snow was so deep.

~ Region: North Central Arizona

~ Distance: 12 miles

~ Roadway: Begins on SR 89A 10 miles North of Prescott Valley and continues on for 12 miles until drivers reach the town of Jerome.

~ Points of Interest: Prescott National Forest, The Phippen Museum (Prescott), Granite Dells, Mingus Mountain Recreation Area

~ Status:  This road is a state-designated scenic road.

Red Rock All-American Road

Scenic Drives - Along the Red Rock Scenic Byway

Along the Red Rock Scenic Byway - The Chapel of the Holy Cross lays nestled among the stratified red rocks.Public domain. (Public domain Photo by Bill Kusner)

~ Editor's Note: Red Rock Scenic Byway winds through Sedona's Red Rock Country, often called a "museum without walls.

~ Region: North Central Arizona

~ Distance: 8 miles

~ Roadway: Begins on SR 179 just south of the Village of Oak Creek and ends just south of the Chapel of the Holy Cross

~ Points of Interest: Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, Spaceship Rock, Cathedral Rock, Chapel of the Holy Cross

~ Status: This road is a nationally recognized scenic drive.  It on the All-American Road list.  

Swift Trail Parkway

Scenic Drives - Swift Trail Parkway

Mount Graham on the Swift Trail Parkway. (Source: ADOT)

~ Region: North Central Arizona

~ Distance: 25 miles

~ Roadway: Begins on SR 366 at the US 191 junction just south of the town of Lebanon and continues south for 25 miles

~ Points of Interest: Discovery Park (Safford), Mount Graham Observatory, Angle Orchard (Mount Graham), Roper Lake State Park (Safford), Riggs Flat Lake

~ Status:  This road is a state-designated parkway.

Mogollon Rim Road Scenic Drive

Scenic Drives - Mogollon Rim Road Scenic Drive

Mogollon Rim can be seen by driving the Mogollon Rim Road Scenic Drive.

~ Chief Meteorologist Royal Norman's Editor's Note: This is one of the most scenic drives you can take in Arizona, but be aware, on a map, it looks like a rather short trip. It is not. The road is dirt and bumpy. It can be dusty at times. The road turns and winds its way along the rim. You don’t get anywhere fast. And why would you want to with the views of the valleys to the south and the Ponderosa trees around you.  We always bring lunch. Find a quiet spot. You can usually find a spot where someone else has parked or camped so you don’t have to off-road and tear up the forest. I’ve seen sunrises and sunsets along the rim and I can’t say which I like better. And I’ve watched huge thunderstorms in the distance rumbling in the Valley below. Take your four-wheel drive if you have one.

~ Region: North Central Arizona

~ Distance: 42 miles

~ Roadway: Forest Road 300 (AKA Rim Road) between State Routes 260 and 87.

~ Editor's Note: This gravel road follows the lofty Mogollon Rim. A vehicle with high clearance is recommended.

~ Map: Beginning of Forest Road 300 at SR 87

~ Map: Beginning of Forest Road 300 at SR 260

~ Status:  This road is a state-designated scenic road.

Diné Tah (Among the People) Scenic Road

Scenic Drives - Diné Tah (Among the People) Scenic Road

Enjoy the beauty of Canyon de Chelly by driving the Diné Tah (Among the People) Scenic Road. (Source: National Park Foundation)

~ Chief Meteorologist Royal Norman's Editor's Note: It’s so out of the way but so worth the drive. Take a jeep tour into the bottom or rent a horse. It’s a wonderful canyon full or Native American stories and lore. I’ve never failed to leave there without learning something new about the culture and myself.

Region: Northern Arizona

~ Distance: 100 miles

~ Roadway: This scenic drive consists of 2 roads in the Navajo Nation. The first section begins on Navajo Road 64 in Chinle and wraps around the north side of Canyon de Chelly. If you continue driving around the east side of Canyon de Chelly, you'll wrap back around and back into Arizona.  The second section begins on Navajo Route 12 from the state line down through Window Rock to I-40 at Lupton. The entire stretch would most likely be considered a scenic road by Arizona standards, but part of it is in New Mexico. 

~ Points of Interest: Canyon de Chelly National Monument (Chinle), Window Rock Tribal Park (Window Rock), Navajo Nation Tribal Headquarters (Window Rock), Navajo Nation Museum (Window Rock), Ned A. Hatathli Museum (Tsaile), Fredonia-Vermillion

~ Status:  This road is a state-designated scenic road.

Fredonia-Vermillion Cliffs Scenic Road

Scenic Drives - Fredonia-Vermillion Cliffs Scenic Road

The Vermillion Cliffs National Monument can be found along the Fredonia-Vermillion Cliffs Scenic Road. (Source: Instagram @cw50must)

Region: Northern Arizona

~ Distance: 82 miles

~ Roadway: Begins on US 89A in Fredonia and travels southeast to Bitter Springs

~ Points of Interest: Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, Kaibab National Forest, Navajo Historic Bridge and Interpretive Center, House Rock Wildlife Area, Lees Ferry Historic Site, Historic Route 66

~ Status:  This road is a state-designated scenic road.

Kayenta-Monument Valley Scenic Road

Scenic Drives - Kayenta-Monument Valley Scenic Road

Check out the iconic sights of Monument Valley via the Kayenta-Monument Valley Scenic Road. (Source: Instagram @nick_az_kid)

~ Chief Meteorologist Royal Norman's Editor's Note: I haven’t been on that actual road but have been to Monument Valley on several occasions. It is what we all think of when we think of the old west.

My favorite stop near Kayenta is the Navajo National Monument. There are several ruins there. Betatakin is the closest and about a 5-mile round trip hike that’s pretty strenuous. Keet Seel is 17 miles away from the Monument and one of the great adventures in my life was when we were guided into the canyon on horses the entire round trip. The construction of the pueblos is amazing. The ride was one of the most scenic I’ve ever been on.

And on the way back, the guides, seeing that we could all handle the horses pretty well, let us “open them up” for a while and we pounded along the dry creek bed like thousands of horses before us. The guides told us later it’s easy to get the horses to run on the way back to the stables. They know dinner is waiting. You can’t just show up at Navajo National Monument and start hiking. There are some rules and guidelines. You should check out their website if you plan to go. That’s one of the places where I’d love to make a return trip.

Region: Northern Arizona

~ Distance: 28 miles

~ Roadway: Take US 163 from Kayenta up to the Utah border

~ Points of Interest: Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Navajo National Monument / Betatakin Ruins, Goulding's Lodge, Museum and Trading Post, Naat'tsis'aan-Navajo Road

~ Status:  This road is a state-designated scenic road.

Naat'tsis'aan-Navajo Mountain Scenic Road

Scenic Drives - Naat'tsis'aan-Navajo Mountain Scenic Road

Stop and enjoy the awe-inspiring Lake Powell, Arizona while driving the Naat'tsis'aan-Navajo Mountain Scenic Road.

Region: Northern Arizona

~ Distance: 66 miles

~ Roadway: Follow US 160 east from Cow Springs to the junction of State Route 98, then follow that north until SR 98 ends near Page.  

~ Points of Interest: Antelope Canyon-Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park (Page), Antelope Point Marina (Lake Powell), Navajo Mountain, Shonto Trading Post, San Francisco Peaks, Horseshoe Bend

~ Status:  This road is a state-designated scenic road.

San Francisco Peaks Scenic Road

Scenic Drives - San Francisco Peaks Scenic Road

Check out The San Francisco Peaks by driving the San Francisco Peaks Scenic Road.

Region: Northern Arizona

Distance: 40 miles

~ Roadway: Begins on US 180 north of Flagstaff near the junction of Hidden Hollow Rd.  Continue on US 180 for 40 miles. 

~ Points of Interest: Coconino National Forest (Flagstaff), Lowell Observatory (Flagstaff), Snowbowl Ski Area (Flagstaff), Museum of Northern Arizona (Flagstaff), Lava River Cave, Sedona-Oak Creek Canyon

~ Status:  This road is a state-designated scenic road.

Sedona-Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Road

Scenic Drives - Sedona-Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Road

This short drive along 89A between Sedona and Flagstaff is one of the most beautiful in the state and is known as the Sedona-Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Road. (Source: Instagram @adventurepiece)

~ Chief Meteorologist Royal Norman's Editor's Note: If you’re going to make one scenic drive in the state, outside of the Grand Canyon, this is it. From Sedona you wind your way along Oak Creek, slowly gaining elevation. Then at the north end of the canyon, a series of switchbacks take you to the top where you should take time to pull off at the overlook and enjoy the view. We saw one of the best sunsets of our life right there. It’s not a long drive, so stop and enjoy the creek, maybe have lunch. It’s almost hard to believe you’re in Arizona when you’re in Oak Creek Canyon.

Region: Northern Arizona

~ Distance: 15 miles

~ Roadway: Begins on State Route 89A just north of Sedona and goes north up through Oak Creek Canyon and ends at the top of the Mogollon Rim.

~ Points of Interest: Oak Creek Vista, Grasshopper Point, Slide Rock State Park, Downtown Sedona, Sedona Heritage Museum, Red Rock / Secret Mountain Wilderness Area, Tse'nikani-Flat Mesa Rock

~ Status:  This road is a state-designated scenic road.

Tse'nikani-Flat Mesa Rock Scenic Road

Scenic Drives - Tse'nikani-Flat Mesa Rock Scenic Road

Tse'nikani-Flat Mesa Rock Scenic Road.

Region: Northern Arizona

~ Distance: 45 miles

~ Roadway: Begins on US 191 in Many Farms, AZ and follows US 91 for 45 miles until it reaches the junction of US 160.

~ Status:  This road is a state-designated scenic road.

White Mountain Scenic Road

Scenic Drives - White Mountains

White Mountains (Source:

Region: Northern Arizona

~ Distance: 67 miles

~ Roadway: State Route 260. The White Mountain Scenic Byway begins south of Pinetop-Lakeside in the Apache Indian Reservation settlement of Hon-Dah and ends in Eager.  

~ Points of Interest: Sunrise Ski Resort, Hawley Lake, Town of Greer, Little House Museum, White River

~ Status:  This road is a state-designated scenic road.

White River Scenic Road

Scenic Drives - White River Scenic Road

Alchesay-Williams Creek National Fish Hatchery located along the White River Scenic Road. (Source: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)

Region: Northern Arizona

~ Distance: 11 miles

~ Roadway: Begins on State Route 73 north of Whiteriver and ends at the junction of State Route 260. 

~ Points of Interest: Alchesay, Williams Creek National Fish Hatchery Complex, White Mountain Apache Cultural Center (Fort Apache), Kinishba Ruins

~ Status:  This road is a state-designated scenic road.

Kaibab Plateau-North Rim National Scenic Byway

Scenic Drives - Along the Kaibab Plateau-North Rim Parkway in Arizona

Along the Kaibab Plateau-North Rim Parkway in Arizona - Hikers enjoy the shade along the Kaibab trail in Grand Canyon National Park. (Source: Federal Highway Administration)

~ Editor's Note: This scenic drive takes you to the North Rim and passes by the Kaibab Plateau. It's a one-hour drive on Highway 67, and it offers two incredible sites in one. Along the Kaibab Plateau, you can take several trails to see tons of pines, spruce and Aspen. At the end of the drive is the North Rim at the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. 

Region: Northern Arizona

~ Distance: 30 miles 

~ Roadway: Drive SR 67 In Jacob Lake south until the road ends

~ Points of Interest: North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon Lodge, Kaibab Plateau Visitors Center, Kayenta-Monument Valley

~ Status: This road is a nationally recognized scenic drive.  It is on the National Scenic Byway list.  

Grand Canyon Loop

Scenic Drives - Grand Canyon

Cedar Ridge on the South Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon National Park (Source: National Park Service)

~ Chief Meteorologist Royal Norman's Editor's Note: It’s our favorite place on the planet. And believe me when I tell you, it looks so much different in person. If you follow the signs in Flagstaff, it will take you out west along the US 180 and you’ll eventually come to the town of Tusayan and, just after that, the main entrance to the canyon where most of the tourists enter. We’ve done that a bunch of times.

But we like to veer east out of Flagstaff and ride the US 89 up to Cameron where you catch State Route 64 which takes you right to the east entrance of the Grand Canyon. There are no lines there ever. And then you get to drive along the rim from east to west chasing the sun until you get to your destination hotel in the park, your campground, or a room back in Tusayan. Stay at El Tovar if you can. It’s a grand, old hotel with a wonderful breakfast and a reservation only dinner. All well prepared.

If you get lucky, and a couple of times we have, you’ll get a room with a balcony overlooking the canyon. Amazing. One last Grand Canyon tip. If you can go up in the winter, that’s the time to go. It’s prettier with the snow and there are a lot fewer people. But you know what? Anytime is a good time to be at the Canyon.

Region: Northern Arizona

~ Distance: 205 miles

~ Roadway: Take US 180 north from Flagstaff until the junction of SR 64.  Take SR 64 north and stay on it as it curves around and starts heading southeast until the junction of US 89. Take US 89 south to Flagstaff.   

~ Points of Interest: Kendrick Park Watchable Wildlife Trail, Slate Mountain (Amazing views of San Francisco Peaks), Red Mountain,  Red Butte Look Out Trail Head, Grand Canyon South Rim, Yavapai Point, Grandview Point, Painted Desert Vista, Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument and Grand Falls

~ More Info: Click here for more details on this drive

Apache Trail Historic Road

Scenic Drives - Apache Trail Historic Road

Superstition Mountains can be seen along the Apache Trail Historic Road. (Source: Instagram @paulfolkphoto)

~ Editor's Note: President Theodore Roosevelt called the Apache Trail "one of the most spectacular best-worth-seeing sights of the world." There are all sorts of things to see and do along this scenic drive -- Tortilla Flat, Lost Dutchman State Park, Goldfield Ghost Town, hike the Superstition Mountains, visit Canyon and Apache Lakes.  

Before heading out on your road trip, be sure to check with the Tonto National Forest. Portions of the road have been closed.  

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Region: Phoenix & Central Arizona

~ Distance: 40 miles

~ Roadway: Begins on State Route 88 in Apache Junction

~ Before you go: Half of the route is on unpaved and bumpy roads.  You'll want to take a vehicle that can handle this type of road. 

~ Awe-Inspiring: Fish Creek Canyon

~ Points of Interest: Goldfield Ghost Town, Lost Dutchman State Park (Apache Junction), Tonto National Monument, Copper Corridor

~ Status:  This road is a state-designated historic road.

Copper Corridor Scenic Road (SR 77)

Scenic Drives - Copper Corridor Scenic Road

Aravaipa Canyon Preserve is located along the Copper Corridor Scenic Road. (Source:

Region: Phoenix & Central Arizona

~ Distance: 35 miles

~ Roadway: State Route 77

~ Points of Interest: Aravaipa Canyon Preserve, Biosphere 2 (Oracle), Copper Corridor West

~ Status:  This road is a state-designated scenic road.

Gila-Pinal Scenic Road

Scenic Drives - Gila-Pinal Scenic Road

Town of Superior, AZ along the Gila-Pinal Scenic Road. (Source:

Region: Phoenix & Central Arizona

~ Distance: 35 miles

~ Roadway: US 60

~ Points of Interest: Boyce Thompson Arboretum (Superior), Besh-Ba-Gowah Archaeological Park

~ Status:  This road is a state-designated scenic road.

Organ Pipe Cactus Parkway

Scenic Drives - Organ Pipe Cactus Parkway

Check out the Organ Pipe National Monument while driving the Organ Pipe Cactus Parkway. (Source: Nat'l Park Service)

Region: Tucson & Southern Arizona

~ Distance: 25 miles

~ Roadway: State Route 85

~ Points of Interest: Ajo, Organ Pipe National Monument, Patagonia-Sonoita

~ Status:  This road is a state-designated parkway.

Patagonia-Sonoita Scenic Road

Scenic Drives - Patagonia-Sonoita Scenic Road

Visit numerous wineries including Sonoita Vineyards while traveling along the Patagonia-Sonoita Scenic Road (Source: City of Sierra Vista)

Region: Tucson & Southern Arizona

~ Distance: 57 miles

~ Roadway: State Routes 82 and 83

~ Points of Interest: Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve, Empire-Cienega Resource Conservation Area, Arizona Southern Wine Trail, Patagonia Lake State Park (Patagonia), Pete's Kitchens Outpost (Nogales), Imperial Alta Historical Society Museum (Nogales), Kentucky Camp Historic Site (Sonoita), Sky Island

~ Status:  This road is a state-designated scenic road.

Sky Island Parkway (Catalina Highway) National Scenic Byway

Scenic Drives - Along Sky Island Scenic Byway in Arizona

The Sky Island Parkway in Arizona features a daunting view of the sheer cliffs that line the highway. Road-construction cones warn drivers away from a damaged railing in this photo. (Source: Public Domain Via Federal Highway Administration)

Region: Tucson & Southern Arizona

~ Distance: 27 miles

~ Roadway: Mt. Lemmon Hwy from the junction of E. Catalina Hwy and N. Lemmon Short Rd. north to Summerhaven, AZ

~ Points of Interest: Coronado National Forest, Mount Lemmon Ski Valley 

~ Status: This road is a nationally recognized scenic drive.  It on the National Scenic Byway list.  

Tucson Mountain Park and Saguaro National Park

Scenic Drives - Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park (Source: Nat'l Park Service)

~ Editor's Note: Just 30 minutes outside of Tucson, this drive takes you through the Saguaro National Park and Tucson Mountain Park. The Saguaro National Park offers views of the famed saguaro cactus as well as other types of cacti.

Region: Tucson & Southern Arizona

~ Points of Interest: Gates Pass Overlook

~ Status:  This road is a state-designated scenic road.

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