SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - A 20-year-old man with autism from Scottsdale has been missing for three weeks now and detectives are hoping more tips come in with credible information. 

"We've received hundreds of different tips, mostly in Arizona, but as far away as the east coast and even internationally," said Detective John Heinzelman with the Scottsdale Police Department. But none of the tips that have come in have panned out with any definitive information, he says. 

"We knocked on doors, over 500 different homes we've contacted, we've searched backyards, the desert area, there's a canal that runs nearby," Detective Heinzelman said. "We continue to have helicopters, drones. We had search and rescue crews that were on horseback and on ATVs." 

Jubi left his father's house near Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. and Via Linda in North Scottsdale overnight on September 23rd with nothing but the clothes on his back. He left behind is ID and cell phone as well. 

"Everyday is another nightmare without my brother here. It's exhausting. Everyday we're doing everything we can. We're not giving up and we're not stopping," said Josie Monsif, Jubie's sister. "Nothing's enough until Jubi's found, so we need more and more." 
Detectives learned that Jubi enjoyed playing online video games with his brother, who is in college in Tucson. Jubi also had a Twitter account. They're now looking into digital data as to whether someone may have lured him away or helped him leave. 
"From everybody we've talked to, I don't believe that he's alone. I believe he is getting help from somebody and it's just a matter of finding that person and finding out the rest of that story," said Detective Heinzelman. "It's always a possibility and it's one of our concerns is that someone contacted him either through his twitter or online or some other way and lured him away and that's a strong possibility that we keep open. We have no evidence to suggest that yet but it's still one of the theories that we have to work on is the fact that this could be somebody who lured him out of the house and we need to find that person too."
Detective Heinzelman also said he learned Jubi made strange remarks to his mother and brother before he went missing. 
"He did say something to his mother that she wouldn't see him again," Detective Heinzelman said. "When she questioned him on it, he changed the topic and he just, 'ah it didn't mean much.'"  
Jubi's sister says her frustration and concern is growing as the investigation feels like it's slowing down. 
"They're coming to the end of their trail and they will follow a trail as long as they have it but they're not going to have one much longer and what does that leave us with?" said Josie. "If the police are telling us they don't know what they're doing next, how do you feel as a family when it's been 3 weeks?" 
Detective Heinzelman said they are working on getting more information through subpoenas from the video game software.  



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