The girl's father found her unresponsive in the car, which was parked at an apartment complex near 51st Avenue and Thunderbird Road

The girl's father found her unresponsive in the car, which was parked at an apartment complex near 51st Avenue and Thunderbird Road.

GLENDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- The Medical Examiner has ruled that the April death of a toddler left a hot car in Glendale was "accidental."

The 20-month-old girl was reportedly left in her father's car for seven hours on April 22. The high temperature outside that day was 88 degrees.

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The girl's father found her unresponsive in the car, which was parked at an apartment complex near 51st Avenue and Thunderbird Road, according to Ofc. Tiffany Ngalula with the Glendale Police Department.

The father called 911. Dispatchers told him to perform CPR on the toddler, which he did. But the girl did not survive.

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Both parents, who are in their 30s, were seen talking to detectives at the scene. They are "very upset over losing their child," said Ngalula.

The father was the last one to drive the car, according to Ngalula.

While the car does have California and Arizona license plates, Ngalula said the family lived at the apartment complex where the girl was found.

Ngalula didn't say what led up to the girl being left in the car by herself for hours. No one has been charged in the case.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the inside of a car can heat up to 124 degrees in 30 minutes even when the outside temperature is in the 80s.

The Medical Examiner's autopsy report, released Thursday, states the girl's cause of death is "environmental heat exposure" and the death is "best certified as an accident."


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(26) comments

AZ Native

How can the Medical Examiner rule the death accidental?? He/she was not there, they can only rule what caused the death.

Maria Grazia Benson

They have another 4 children, I guess the court considered that they needed both parents to take care of them. People like that should be sterilized. How sad and how horrible for the poor child.


omgggggggg i cant believe this..seriously 7 hours? there is NO excuse for that..and they say parents are upset..upset? only because they got caught..these parent need to be arrested..not charged????? omg so sad this Az state we live in


I want to care, but I just don't. Everyone needs to stop believing that procreating magically makes a person responsible and intelligent.


Mandatory castration.[censored]

Phillup Witgas

Yep... Then life in prison.


Another one will die soon, hope your ready for it!


Arizona is at the top of the list for baby killings! Wow are you killers happy! This dude killed his kid how is that an accident???? Arizona the state with no justice!


An accident, Right an you are blind an stupid! You mean to tell me during that time that baby didn't need to be changed or perhaps fed. No accident an you are the reason so many babies die this way.No excuse to leave any child in a car,if you have a kid with you an suddenly you forget them, You have no business having kids, I bet each an everyone of these parents had their phones with them. Then breed a phone.


Di - You do know the word is "and" not "an", right? Just checkin'


I agree with every one! Charge the parents with murder, neglect or anything but don’t let this stay as an accident and let them be free! No excuses!


Ah Glendale, let the children die along with a long term firefighter. But hey, nice football stadium for a lousy team. Got you priorities a little mixed up do we?


He skates? You've got to be kidding. What does it take to prove child abuse.


So sad that so many so called parents don't give a darn about their children, it's only themselves. Many, if not most get their pleasure from creating a child, then that's it, they expect everyone else to care for them. This should be considered murder in the 2nd degree at the least. How many deaths does there have to be before something real to prevent has to be enforced. May that little Angel R.I.P.


Lets make a law where you have to put an infant in the back seat instead of allowing them in the front w/ a rear facing car seat. Well .. that is what we did and there continues to be a lot of infant deaths because the driver (out of their regular routine) forget they are back there. The "cure" is worse than the problem it was supposed to solve. There needs to be some consistency as well in the penalty for this kind of negligence. Some people get a pat on the head and others are crucified. How can any medical examiner determine "intent"?? The kid died of the heat exposure ... How do they know if it was left there by accident, negligence or intentionally??


7 hours dude. 7 hours. That's an impressive amount of time to not give a thought about your kid. We need to stop excusing this in the slightest and burying those who do it.

AZ Native

Too busy on their phones and/or playing video games. Obviously they didn't pay much attention to the child or they certainly would have missed her before 7 hours! Both parents need to be arrested.


The car has both California and Arizona license plates? WTF? How can that be unless they have broken the laws of at least one of the states. There is something screwy here. Probably illegals since there is no names.

Vee Vi



accidental or not, it is still criminal. If I blow through a red light and hit a car, an accident occurred. It doesn't mean I won't get a ticket and not be responsible for the damages.


How do you accidentally forget your child in a car for over 5 hours??? Didn't you notice that the kid hadn't been around or needed anything in that length of time??? They need to be charged with murder!!!


how was this an "accident"? How do you NOT know at your own residence that your child isn't with you for over 8 hours? And why are there no charges being filed? While a lady in Chandler who's child was left for under 30 min and who's child after being checked out by paramedics showed no signs of stress or any heat exhaustion/damage??? Hmmm Death=no charges, Overreacting "good samaritan" no true danger to the child = mother arrested??




How black to you have to be to get away with having California and Arizona license plates on the same car and live in an Arizona apartment? This cr*p gets old. And why iwere there no charges filed in this case, but the Chandler mother was arrested for doing the same thing? time for a revolt.


Sure is was an accident, but it was still negligent! They have a charge for that! These people will breed again.


sorry but no accident here, a true parent does not "forget" their child for that length of time!!

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