PHOENIX (3TV/CBS5) -- Officials with the Drug Enforcement Administration say six people, including a member of a dangerous street gang, have been arrested after a lengthy multi-agency investigation.

Special Agent Doug Coleman, a DEA spokesman, said four homes in Mesa were searched simultaneously on Friday, after their investigation in partnership with the Scottsdale Police Department led officers to the locations.

The targeted homes netted agents a cache of weapons, ammunition, body armor and $28,000 in cash. Coleman said agents also found 2 kilograms of cocaine, and 1,000 pills suspected to be fentanyl

Coleman said the six people arrested are Jose Gonzalez-Ramos, Yasary Bejarano, Luis Adrian Gonzalez Perez, Carlos Daniel Pineda Martinez, Jorge Marin Cuevas and John Hernandez Vera.

Ramos admitted to agents that he was a member of the violent gang Mara Salvatrucha, otherwise known as MS-13, Coleman said.

“The safety and protection of American citizens by targeting drug traffickers, violent gang members and other criminal organizations is our highest priority,” said Coleman.

According to court paperwork, the homes targeted are located near the intersections of University and Val Vista drives, Eighth Avenue and Alma School Road, and Broadway and Gilbert roads

The six arrested are being charged with multiple felonies, including narcotic drug possession, money laundering, possession of weapons and conducting an illegal enterprise.


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Those pesky (Dreamers) are at it again !!!


The article doesn't ever say these individuals were here illegally. So why assume they are? Because they are Latin last names? Remember not every person with a Latin last name is an illegal.


Because if they were US citizens the media would have broadcast that fact. After all azfamily goes along with the socialists in wanting illegals to be allowed into the country.


Great catch. Now build the wall, electrify it and man it with sharpshooters.
Thank you.


Stay in your cave dude. If you come out may lightning strike you twice



Naturally, all up standing U S citizens


They are only here for a better life!!!!!


this is why we need to build the wall

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