PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5)-- Phoenix street racers are using a new tactic to stop officers from pulling them over. In a new video, people are seen swarming a police officer’s cruiser as he tries to pull over a suspected street racer. It's one of the challenges that officers are facing while trying to crack down on a big problem. Still, police are finding ways to put dangerous drivers in handcuffs.

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Edgar Sanchez, 20, was arrested last weekend in the area of 67th and Southern avenues. Police said he was caught doing donuts and then speeding away from officers in what's commonly known as a "street takeover" -- it’s a dangerous trend where people and cars block an intersection so that others can spin out. The takeovers are often recorded and posted on social media. The issue got so bad that Phoenix police was given a $100,000 grant from the State of Arizona to fight the problem.

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"I was just trying to have some fun," said Sanchez when we asked him about it on Friday. He also said that what he did was not right and that he wouldn’t repeat his mistake. "It's basically destroying property… I've learned my lesson."

"What a horrible travesty. Can you imagine what would happen if someone got hit?" said Alberto Gutier, the Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety Agency director.

Just last week in Chandler, police say 19-year-old Garrett Crews was street racing his friend, lost control and hit a car.

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Phoenix Police submitted new numbers regarding street racers to Gutier's office, the same person who approved the $100,000 grant. This last weekend, they gave out 72 citations and arrested five people. "Phoenix police has done an incredible job," Gutier said.

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