TEMPE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - A coyote caught on camera playing with a dog in Tempe Sunday might have been killed by Arizona Game and Fish later that day.

“We hate doing this. This was sad for us,” said Amy Burnett, a spokeswoman for the agency.

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Burnett says that only eight houses down from where the viral video was shot, a coyote bit a woman’s pant leg on Sunday.

A Game and Fish officer responded to the Shalimar neighborhood in Tempe, when he stumbled upon another coyote incident unfolding in front of him.

“A coyote that was actually following a woman, and the woman was calling 911 on that coyote,” Burnett said.

It was then that the Game and Fish Officer decided the animal needed to be killed.

“This is a tragic, preventable incident,” Burnett said. “If people stop feeding, we’ll have fewer of these kinds of things happen.”

While the agency says it’s very difficult to know if the coyote they killed and the one in the video are the same, they both were too comfortable around humans.

[RAW VIDEO: Dog and wild coyote play together in Tempe neighborhood]

“That familiarity sometimes escalates to aggression,” Burnett said.

So to keep these animals wild and alive, Game and Fish advises to leave them alone.


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(9) comments


Just exactly what would you clowns have done if one of them attacked YOU or your children? Let it drag your kids away to feed its pups? A wild animal does not come into human presence without some sort of encouragement by humans and they never lose their attack instincts. Yes a coyote can take down an adult.

David Hartley

Our government has been at war with it indigenous predators for 300 years (1776-2019) entire species have went extinct/ (2 million a year they kill) less than 150 years ago it was perfectly legal to shoot and kill a Native American/ /// It is a sick and perverse tradition that all 50 states practice / The Game and Fish in this state is a killing organization basically / (unless their precious deer and elk which have over run the Flagstaff area) / You call these folks about a wild animal in your neighborhood / they will / no questions ask. . euthanize it/ You can hunt coyotes year around in this state/ and no limit on kills/ the federal government comes in for the Game and Fish and shoot coyotes/ bears/ and others from helicopters in open air by the thousands. 🐺🐾🐾🐾😢Finally you can sum it all with this statistic/ we have a close to a million domesticated cattle grazing on public lands in Arizona. . and 100 wild Mexican Wolves left/ /

Kathleen Grigg

Couldn’t have said it better myself. They are a bunch of murderers making money off of the deaths of animals and catering to ranchers and hunters. They make me sick.


Stop calling Game and Fish. You all know this is the likely outcome any time you call them.


I absolutely agree. These poor coyotes and bears get shot and killed for absolutely no reason. I blame all the mothers in the communities whining every time a playful coyote comes into the neighborhoods doing absolutely nothing wrong. The lady that got her “pant leg bittten” should have been taken down by the whole den after the nutskull called the cops on them. You are pathetic lady.

TRUMP supporter

Kill the animal then you don't have to worry about it, just like you killed the bear at rock springs cafe a few years ago because it was eating out of the dumpster.

David Hartley

I guess we could do the same with street people. . .right? And plenty of other states have rescue organization for wild animals/ especially coyotes. And i do worry about it. . with over 2 million wild animals killed a year by the feds/ Worry about how we modern humans think we own the planet. . / do whatever we please/ kill whatever we please/ take whatever will please/ . .


Just wait till one of these predators attack your child. And I suppose you support feeding them?

Kathleen Grigg

Yeah.. because that happens all the time. Maybe if we stopped destroying their wild habitat they wouldn’t be coming into neighborhoods looking for food. Stop making excuses for evil. These animals have a right to live. They could relocate the animal if it was such a problem.. but they would rather kill it.

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