PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- A newly released criminal complaint provides new details about last week's deadly shootout between ICE agents and suspected human smugglers. 

According to documents, ICE agents attempted to arrest 35-year-old Warren Jose on a federal felony warrant on April 11.

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Agents spotted Jose's Chevy Trailblazer on Interstate 10 south of Riggs Road and began following him as he exited the freeway into an Ahwatukee neighborhood and attempted a traffic stop.

[PDF: Federal complaint for Warren Jose, Valentina Valenzuela]

[WATCH: Gun fight involving ICE broke out in Ahwatukee community]

Documents state that Jose's vehicle, driven by a woman identified as Theresa Medina-Thomas (aka Theresa Juan), did not stop and fled from agents, striking multiple vehicles and causing an agent's SUV to crash into a wall.

[WATCH: Human smuggling investigation becomes Awatukee shooting with ICE]

Jose's SUV then spun out. Documents state that he began shooting at agents with an AK-47-type assault rifle, striking multiple vehicles. 

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Agents then returned fire, shooting and killing the driver, Medina-Thomas.

Three additional people were in the backseat of Jose's car. Two were illegal immigrants, Genaro Jimenez-Sanchez and a juvenile, who were allegedly smuggled into the country by Jose. The third was identified as 23-year-old Valentina Valenzuela, who agents say was a co-conspirator. 

The four Homeland Security Investigations special agents involved in the shooting were treated for injuries not considered life-threatening, were released from the hospital and are recovering.

Investigators said the Phoenix Police Department is conducting the homicide and attempted murder investigation, and HSI is conducting the human smuggling resulting in a death investigation.


Jose's warrant stems from an incident in mid-March, in which a man, later identified as Adrian Hernandez Morales and determined to be an illegal immigrant, was found by police officers on the Tohono O'Odham reservation. He was taken to a hospital because he was suffering from dehydration and blistered feet. 

[PDF: Court documents for Warren Jose]

While at the hospital, the man told officers that he was picked up by Jose after crossing into Arizona from Mexico. He told police that Jose offered to take him to a hospital but instead took him to a residence. 

The man said he was kept at the house despite multiple requests to be taken to a hospital. He said at one point, he was threatened with a knife and had all of his personal property taken from him.

He told police he escaped through a window and flagged down a Tohono O'Odham police officer. He was interviewed and later shown two photo lineups. He positively identified Jose as the man who picked him up.

Previous alleged involvement in human smuggling scheme

Jose tried to extort more money from an illegal immigrant back in November, sources said.

New documents show Jose was holding a person who had been smuggled into the country illegally for ransom at a Tempe hotel in November of 2018. Police said the victim paid 30,000 Guatemalan dollars to be smuggled into the U.S. and when he was brought to the hotel, Jose demanded an extra 15,000 U.S. dollars from the victim, or he would be killed.

Police said the victim was able to call 911 and officers arrested Jose.

Jose said he was paid $200 to "babysit" the victim but denied holding him against his will at gunpoint, police said. He also had cocaine on him, police said.

Bond was originally set at $75,000 but then changed to a secured bond of $5,000. Jose posted that in January.

ICE released the following statement on April 18:

"While the human smuggling investigation associated with the agent involved shooting remains ongoing, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) can confirm that Warren Jose, 35, ... was initialed in federal court in Tucson this afternoon. Jose was the subject of a District of Arizona federal criminal arrest warrant ... connected to the HSI human smuggling investigation. One of the passengers in the vehicle, Valentina Valenzuela ... has been charged in federal court in the human smuggling conspiracy.

The four HSI special agents that sought medical treatment for non-life threatening (sic) injuries were released from the hospital and are recovering.

The Phoenix Police Department is conducting the homicide and attempted murder investigation, and HSI is conducting the human smuggling resulting in a death investigation."


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JF Conlon

Coyote Day in the news! This is the bad one; the good one was a rescued pup in California.


Just sharing their brown culture with us.

Big Mike 86

Thanks for sharing your white racist culture with us.


Despite all the chaos, I'm guessing no one was upset by the fact that someone was unleashing AK-47 projectiles down a neighborhood street. That seems like a pretty significant detail and yet we're too wrapped up in our misguided beliefs about the Second Amendment to call attention to this fact. NO civilian should have access to an AK-47 (or any other high velocity, high capacity long gun for that matter) unless they steal it from a highly secured bunker. And please, no nonsensical replies unless you quote the first four words of the Second Amendment in your post.


Good thin I haven't been a "civilian" for the past 30 years, I am a Veteran and have all kinds of High velocity long guns with high capacity magazine to put up a long and deadly fight if need be. You other sheep just lay on the ground holding onto your hand guns while I handle this !!


A well regulated militia.... defined 13-14 words later as people keeping and bearing arms.... is guaranteed in the 2nd amendment. And even if we held it to the strict constructionist you wanted, the Supreme Court has ignored those 4 words for the most part. I'm more upset by the judge who let the known people trafficker out on 5k bail; that's pocket change to this kind of a person.


I suppose the democrats in the Arizona legislature thinks these law breakers should be left alone and stopping them amounts to racial profiling.


Do you have a link to back up your suppositions?


Just follow their behavior when it comes to minorities of all kinds. They get all sorts of benefits, especially the illegals.


Only if Sheriff Joe had been involved

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