Jason Lee Barlow

Jason Lee Barlow

TEMPE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) – A Mesa man arrested on suspicion of drunk driving with his kids in the car over the summer is now facing felony charges after lab tests put his blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at 0.322. That is more than four times the legal definition of impaired.

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office filed four felony charges, including extreme aggravated DUI, against Jason Lee Barlow, 40, last week. Those charges stem from an incident at Main Event in Tempe on the night of July 1, 2019, in which a police officer says he saw Barlow get behind the wheel of his pickup truck and try to drive away. His kids, ages 7 and 8, were with him.

It started when a Main Event staffer called the police “to report that Barlow was inside, intoxicated, and not supervising his two young children,” according to court documents. Staff pointed out Barlow to the officer who responded.

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“I witnessed Barlow get into the driver seat of his pickup truck and begin driving to the parking lot exit,” the arresting officer wrote in the probable cause for arrest statement. The officer detailed their contact with Barlow, noting several “signs and symptoms consistent with impairment.” The officer tried to administer a field sobriety test but said, “Barlow stopped following instructions and refused further testing,” and “admitted to drinking alcohol.” According to court documents, Barlow also “refused a preliminary breath test and refused evidentiary tests.” Police got a warrant for a blood test. The results returned a BAC of 0.322, which is well above the minimum threshold for super extreme DUI.

Arizona has three categories of DUI; charges depend on the suspect’s BAC.

• 0.08+ DUI

• 0.15+ Extreme DUI

• 0.2+ Super extreme DUI

DUI levels in Arizona - Jason Barlow

Arizona has three categories of DUI; charges depend on the suspect’s BAC.

Arizona law also lays out an aggravated DUI charge that is used when there are passengers younger than 15 in the vehicle.

Court documents show Barlow has convictions on a variety of charges, including resisting arrest, shoplifting, false reporting, forgery, drug counts and vehicle arrest. He also has extreme DUI and extreme DUI in a watercraft conviction on his record. Police said he has “a long history of failure to appear [for court dates] ….”

The direct complaint against Barlow filed in court lists two felony counts each of aggravated DUI and extreme aggravated DUI.


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