PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- An Arizona YouTuber helped to assist his roommate who was on a second date with a girl over the weekend at a Diamondback's game by sending out a check in tweet that went viral. 

"I think I'm just the social media guy for them at this point," said Youtuber Connor Buckley. "I kind of feel like his assistant at this point."

While his roommate, Matthew Minnis, was out on a date at the Diamondback's game, Buckley wanted to check in and see how it was going. A couple of tweets later, he and millions of others got their answer. "Dude he did like 300 sit-ups the day before, ran like a mile, then did 300 sit-ups," Buckley said.

"I was excited," Minnis replied. Excited might not do Minnis justice. After a low-key first date at a Valley restaurant, the fact that Emma and Matt even met at his place for a second date was a very big deal. "This is the first time I had seen a girl in the house for him for years." said Buckley. "So I was happy for him if I'm being honest. And invested." So when Connor couldn't find Matt in the stands at the Diamondbacks game, he started to get a little worried.

"I initially felt like he had lied where his seats were to try and impress all of us before he left," said Buckley. "I thought he was in the nosebleeds, and he told us he was six rows behind home plate. "

"He facetimed me, he wanted to know exactly where I was which I thought was a little strange, but I didn't think much of it," said Minnis. Buckley's a YouTuber with hundreds of thousands of followers on social media so he knows all about how to get the conversation started. 

"I asked the Diamondbacks if they could zoom out a little bit," said Buckley. "They passed it along, and next thing you know they were on the big screen."

"And see that's the first mistake I made, giving him my location," said Minnis. "Maybe look for me in the big screen, and see his roommate. But instead, he had other plans that led to all of this."

All of this, meaning mentions on SportsCenter, Sports Illustrated, and taking over the conversation of a game that ended up being a blowout loss for the Diamondbacks.

"This was quite the second date," said Minnis. "I don't think I can ever top this, and I think she knows this as well."

"If any movie company tries to pick this up, I have to be in the negotiations at some point," said Buckley. "And there's going to be someone hired who's going to be a lot more attractive than me to play my part in the movie as well."

Buckley mentioned Channing Tatum as a potential actor. Now naturally, the big question is: will there be a third date? And the answer is yes. It's happening on Wednesday. Minnis doesn't want to give too much away, but said it will be sports-related and the Coyotes play the Kings at Gila River Arena on Wednesday by the way so maybe there? We reached out to Emma to get her thoughts on the whole situation. It's a little too soon for her to want to share anything. But can you blame her?


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