The dog days of summer in the desert can be brutal, but there are some cool gadgets to help you beat the heat.

Information below is from Cabela's Glendale Retail Marketing Manager Mitzie Warner.

Whether you're kicking it poolside, tubing down the Salt River or just chilling at the lake, those triple-digit temperatures are still going strong, and the Fourth of July will be here before you know it. Stay ahead of the hot weather and keep your family and furry friends comfortable with a few key products that will help you cool off in no time.

First, focus on shade. Cabela's has 10x10 EZ Up tents on sale for $49.99 (about 50 percent off right now). Pick up a 10x10 instant event shade with a UV-guarded fabric for only $97.88. (Plus it promotes a one-minute setup).

So, what can you do to stay comfy in this brutal weather? Yeti is considered the Cadillac of coolers and makes a variety of products ranging from the Yeti Colster (a maximum insulation device with durable steel to help keep your beverage as cool as can be) retails for $29.99. Yeti also makes a 30-ounce stainless steel Rambler with the same concept for only $39.99.

Not a big fan of bulky coolers? Yeti has you covered with a Yeti Hopper Portable Cooler retailing for $299.99. Yes, it's an investment, but this bag can go anywhere (on a kayak, airplane, poolside). It's leak-proof and tough as nails and insulated, as well, so you're keeping everything just as cool as can be.

Cabela's Hydration Packs are on sale now. Pick up a 14-liter pack with a two-liter reservoir for only $34.99, or an 8-liter version for $24.99 (a savings of $10). Throw in some electrolytes to keep you energized and avoid dehydration. Pick up an Energy and Focus Wilderness Athlete 20-pack with flavors that include cherry-lime, mango bango or berry blast for only $27.99.

Need to cool off even more? Opt for an Endura Cooling Instant Towel with a UPF protection of 50 to block you from the sun's brutal rays. The towel dips to 30 degrees after pouring water on it.

Don't forget your furry friend! A Cabela's Dog Pack (the equivalent to a hydration pack) will allow you to pack your pets' food, medication and water, all for $39.99. And for $39.95, you can protect your pets' feet in the heat with an Ultra Paw Rugged Dog Boot in a variety of sizes (small, medium and large). The soles are repurposed and environmentally friendly. One must-have item for your pooch, a Cool-A-Roo Pet bed with UV degradation with breathable fabric. This bed allows your pet to rest comfortably and coolly plus it's portable and you can take it wherever you go.

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