Contracting board seeking to revoke company's license

The owner of ROI Improvements could have his license revoked by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. (Source: 3TV)

When Donna Grannis looks at the roof on her home, she doesn't see anything out of the ordinary. Back in May, however, a roofing salesman showed up out of the clear blue and told her he saw big problems

"I got a knock at the front door, and a gentleman said, 'Did you know you have hail damage?' And I was like, 'Nope,'" Grannis told 3 On Your Side. "I wasn't aware there was a problem whatsoever."

The salesman said his company could rip off the old roof and put on a brand new one, and it wouldn't cost Grannis a dime. All she had to do was file a claim with her insurance company.

"And he says, 'We will work directly with your insurance company, and we'll pay your deductible and let's get you a new roof,'" she said. "And I'm like, 'OK. Yay!'"

The salesman was with a company called ROI Improvements. Grannis wound up signing a contract with them. Her insurance company even issued a check for $7,600.

Grannis says red flags went up because although the check was clearly made out to her and her mortgage company, she says ROI Improvements asked for the check and deposited it into its account. Although ROI Improvements got the money, Grannis says her new roof was never installed.

Now when she calls ROI Improvements for answers, she says she gets weird responses.

"I said I'm very upset," she said. "I'm worried no one is calling me back, and she's like, 'We can't find any roofers.'"

No roofers? That sounded peculiar to Grannis. 3 On Your Side got involved and went to the address listed for ROI Improvements listed address; we discovered the company is not even there anymore.

It was right around this time that things started going downhill for ROI Improvements.

As it turns out, 3 On Your Side was was not the only one investigating the company's owner, Dan Zrihen. The Arizona Registrar of Contractors was looking into him, as well.

The agency says it has received so many complaints about Zrihen allegedly taking money and then abandoning the jobs that it suspended his company's license.

Zrihen initially agreed to speak with 3 On Your Side on camera about his company’s problems, but he backed out at the last minute.

He did, however, provide all kinds of excuses for accepting money and abandoning jobs like Grannis’ roof. For instance, he blamed a bad business partner for ruining the company. He also claims he expanded ROI Improvements too fast to keep up with the work.

Interestingly enough, he does acknowledge that ROI Improvements accepted more $100,000 for projects that were either never started or never finished them.

Grannis says she wonders where all that money is right now.

"I think it's horrible," she said. "I think it's an outrage. I absolutely do not want them to do this to anybody else."

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors suspended Zrihen’s license, but the agency is looking to revoke it.

For now, the contracting board says ROI Improvements is supposed to finish the jobs it is accused of abandoning or return the money.

The Registrar of Contractors says it continues to monitor the situation to see what happens. 3 On Your Side will stay on top of this case and let you know what happens in a follow-up report.

UPDATE: License for ROI Improvements revoked (Monday, Aug. 22, 2016)Copyright 2016 KTVK (KPHO Broadcasting Corporation). All rights reserved.

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