TEMPE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - The Tempe Police Department released new information and body-camera video about a previous aggravated assault arrest of the man whose family was involved in a controversial confrontation involving Phoenix police officers in May.

[WATCH: Ames defends actions during scuffle, arrest in Tempe]

Before Dravon Ames was known for the Phoenix police viral video, he was arrested in Tempe for hitting two officers after being stopped for a crash, police said.

According to newly released police reports, Ames got into a minor crash with another driver at University Drive and Rural Road around 5:30 a.m. on Oct. 31, 2018.

[RAW VIDEO: Body-camera video of 2018 arrest of Dravon Ames in Tempe]

Body-camera video shows Ames out of his car and two police officers, Ofc. Cameron Payne and Ofc. Cody Conklin, trying to get him out of the street.

Officers described Ames' behavior as "erratic," and tried to get him to stop talking.

"You're not making any sense right now," one of the officers can be heard saying on the body-camera video.

[WATCH: Body-cam footage of Dravon Ames' Tempe DUI arrest last year]

The police report said Payne smelled marijuana in his car and said Ames admitted to "dabbing," or smoking marijuana, with his friends earlier. We asked Ames if he had also used cocaine that night, because toxicology reports found both drugs in his system.

"No, I wasn’t aware of any cocaine," Ames said. "Maybe the stuff my friend gave me probably had it in there.”

Arizona's Family asked Ames on Wednesday how much of the incident he actually remembered.

"I, actually, remember all of it, honestly. It was very scary, but I did black out a couple of times," Ames said.

Ames says officers were choking him during the scuffle. In the video, you can hear him screaming during most of it.

The two officers told Ames they needed to detain him, but Ames says not to detain him.

That's when the officers tried to put Ames in handcuffs.

According to the police report, that's when a struggle started. Conklin claims Ames tried to grab his ballistic vest and his equipment from his vest. Payne said Ames tried to kick him in the groin but missed. Payne also said Ames tried to kick him several more times but missed.

“Does that look like you’re trying to kick him in the groin right there?" Arizona's Family asked Ames in person as we watched the video with him.

"No, it looks like he’s trying to grab my leg," Ames said. "I think his hand’s around my leg at that point.”

In the body-camera video, Conklin can be heard saying that Ames tried to take his gun. That's when Payne used a stun gun on Ames.

Ames then ended up on his stomach and the two officers shouted at him not to move.

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Ames tries to get up, and Payne uses his Taser X2 again on Ames.

Payne said his thumb was injured during the scuffle.

Police said Ames was cited on DUI and drug charges and booked into Tempe City Jail on two counts of aggravated assault on police.

“I believe they swept my legs from underneath me and they were both trying to get a piece of me," Ames said, explaining how he thinks the scuffle started. "[People who see this video] will think, 'Dang this guy gets thrown around by police a lot.'"

Arizona's family confirmed with the Tempe Police Department that Ames pleaded guilty to a DUI/drug charge in June, but the two charges of aggravated assault are still pending in Maricopa County Superior Court.

Later on Wednesday evening, Rev. Jarrett Maupin, who has represented Ames at various public appearances, sent out an email condemning the release of the body-camera video.

"What happened with Tempe Police was an injustice and any video from that incident in no way, shape, or form justifies or validates the abusive and criminal acts of Phoenix Police. This attempt to smear Mr. Ames, coordinated by law enforcement, is sick and it is all about trying to distract the public from their palpable outrage about a compliant and peaceful black family being violated in unimaginable ways by police officers with records of engaging in wanton abuse," Maupin said in an email.

He released photographs of Ames' injuries following the scuffle and arrest. He had some scrapes on his face, shoulders and hands.

"This is an attempted digital lynching. Pure twaddle," said Maupin.

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On May 27, Ames and his fiancee, Iesha Harper, along with two kids, were in their car when police aimed guns and hurled obscenities at them, which was recorded on cellphone cameras in Phoenix. The confrontation came after they said their daughter took a doll from a store without paying.

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The couple has asked for Phoenix police to fire the officers involved and filed a $10 million claim against the City.

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