PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Chad Daybell's five adult children spoke out for the first time in an interview that aired Wednesday night on the CBS newsmagazine, 48 Hours - and it was a bombshell.

They accused Lori Vallow of framing their father. They revealed that their mother, Tammy Daybell, died from asphyxiation. And they believe she died of natural causes, which contradicts what prosecutors allege.

Daybell and Vallow are currently in jail in Idaho, awaiting trial for the murders of Vallow's two children, Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow. Daybell is charged in the murder of his then-wife, Tammy.

Let's start with what the Daybell children said about the deaths of Tylee and JJ - and the fact that their bodies were found, buried, in Daybell's backyard.

"He was framed. This is his property. If there's bodies buried here, it would be attributed to him," said Emma Murry, Daybell's daughter.

Chad Daybell's children

Chad Daybell's children believe he is being framed.

"Who framed your father?" asked CBS Correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti.

"I think it was pretty clear it was Lori and Alex. Alex came and left for periods of time. We don't know exactly what he was doing," said Emma.

The Alex she referenced, was Alex Cox. He was Lori Vallow's brother. Prosecutors say they were led to the bodies in Daybell's backyard by tracking Cox's cell signal.

"When the bodies were found in your father's backyard after your father was unable to answer the simple question of, 'Where are the children?' Was that a moment where you questioned your father's innocence?" asked Vigliotii.

"Not my father," said Leah Murphy, Daybell's daughter.

"It goes back to what we know about him as a man, as our father," said Mark Daybell.

Lori Vallow still incompetent, Chad Daybell's family think he's being framed

When it came to Tammy's death, the children said they believed their mother was in failing health and that she died in her sleep.

"She would get out of breath very quickly and would get very tired. And she started going to bed very early at night," said Emma.

"A lot of people think that your father didn't want an autopsy, because he murdered her and didn't want to be caught. Do you buy that?" asked Vigliotti.

"The narrative that he was going, 'No.. no autopsy,' But he was standing there - in complete shock - traumatized, letting us make the decision. If he was trying to hide something, you wouldn't leave something like that up to my kids if I was trying to hide something," said Emma.

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