PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- As the coronavirus has many businesses uncertain about their future, not all are struggling.

Gun shops are a prime example, like Elite Ordnance Manufacturing in Phoenix. Shop owner Michael Garrett, a 28-year veteran, says he's never seen anything like this and that his business is up by 150 percent.

"About the last two weeks, I've seen a run on ammo and a lot of first-time buyers, mainly pistols." For example, Garrett says on Tuesday his shop took in delivery of twelve new pistols, by the evening only one was left. Compared to a normal day when he says they'd normally sell about three.

Gun sales slump nationwide, but not in AZ

There has been a dramatic drop in the number of hand guns and AR-15s sold across the country. But in Arizona, gun sales aren't taking as much of a hit. 

Customers like Geri Taylor are the ones out buying these guns, she's not a first-time gun owner but on the market because of the coronavirus. "There's been quite a run on guns; lately, I've been looking for a couple of weeks, so this is the first one that came in at a place that I know and trust," said Taylor.

Garrett says that on an average day, his shop has around 25 customers visit, but lately, it's been an average of 100-150 walking through the door.


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