GLENDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Even at the same vaccine site on the same night, experiences getting the shot can be very different. At State Farm Stadium, some have waited hours for their shot, while others have barely waited at all.

For Cheyenne Espanio, getting a vaccine at State Farm Stadium last night was anything but easy. "We were there at about six," says the Chandler resident. "And from six, we didn't get into the actual parking lot until about eight o'clock. And by about 9:30, we left."

Cheyenne wasn't expecting the overall process to be super fast. What she was expecting was a little more communication between those waiting for their vaccine and those in charge of the site.

"Once we got there it was kind of frustrating because we didn't know where to go," says Espanio. "There was lots of people cutting in front of each other, and it was making the process a lot longer than it needed to be."

At this point, the Arizona Department of Health has made it clear that you need an appointment to get vaccinated. They say anyone trying to cut the line is just making the wait at these state-run sites longer, as is not getting to the site early enough.

But even an appointment is no guarantee that the process will be fast or easy. On Saturday night, some people with set appointments waited 3 hours or more in long traffic lines to get vaccinated.

But just 25 miles to the southeast, Griffin Davis had no issues getting her vaccine at Phoenix Municipal Stadium, despite not getting nearly as early as a start on the process.

"Honestly, I felt that it was a wonderful experience," says Davis. "It was pretty expedited. Everyone was very kind. It only took like 15 minutes from start to finish."

Does the time of day make a difference? Potentially, as many who went in the middle of the day or overnight seemed to fare better at avoiding those dreaded lines. 

And even Cheyenne admits that once inside at State Farm, things sped up quite a bit. "Once you got to the parking lot it was a lot quicker," says Espanio. "So very efficient, you could tell there were a lot of people out there guiding you where to go. And there were multiple lines."

Still, Cheyenne plans on budgeting even more time for her second shot, despite it being at 2:30 AM. "I definitely do want to go a little bit earlier," says Espanio. "Even if we're late they'll still take you. I'd just hope that if we go early, we beat a lot of the traffic."

Griffin, on the other hand, has a slightly different approach for her second shot. "I can leave my house a little later than I did yesterday," says Davis. "My mom likes to leave early, she likes to be before the time, never on time. But that's never bad."

You can register for a vaccine at To see the full ADHS website, you can find it here


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