PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Thousands of qualified Arizonans are still waiting for their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine but people with an appointment are bringing family members and friends who aren't qualified and are still getting the vaccine. Now, people who are patiently waiting are furious.

"They're letting these people jump the line," said Chris Espinoza.

Chris Espinoza

Chris Espinoza said she's patiently waiting to sign up her 68-year-old husband

She said she's patiently waiting to sign up her 68-year-old husband on Tuesday when the 65+ eligibility begins for vaccinations. Meanwhile, she said she knows people way younger who got the first dose who never made an appointment. Espinoza said they merely tagged along with someone who had an appointment and were given a shot.

Arizonans 65 and up can register for COVID-19 vaccine right now

"We are waiting so we can get vaccination, try to get life back to normal and to find out that basically, if you can fill a car, head down to the stadium, you're in. That's pretty frustrating," said Espinoza.

Vaccine POD entrance

Friends or family members tag along with someone who has an appointment and get the vaccine.

Arizona's Family spoke to a man who did just that. Bill Weinmaster told Arizona's Family that someone who he was with was also given the shot and wasn't 75 years old.

"If they asked you, why wouldn't you take it?" said Weinmaster.

Espinoza said she doesn't blame the people who cut the line.

"Oh, not at all, I don't blame the people. I blame the Department of Health Services for not running things the way they should," said Espinoza.

Arizona's Family reached out to ADHS and since it's a holiday, we have not heard back. But on Friday, Dr. Cara Christ, director of ADHS, was asked about this issue at a press conference. 

Dr. Cara Christ

Dr. Cara Christ, director of ADHS, said it's up to the clinic workers to make the decision on who gets the vaccine.

"That's a decision that's made case by case by our clinical team. So if we've got a vaccine that's available and we've had a number of no-shows, they can make a decision on if someone in the car who is with someone who had the appointment is eligible can receive the vaccine," said Dr. Christ.

Meanwhile, Espinoza will be sitting at her computer, hoping someone who didn't have an appointment doesn't take her husband's shot.

Some senior citizens struggle with booking 2nd vaccine shot

"I just don't understand how it's fair, how it's right. All those seniors who have locked themselves up for months, denied spending Thanksgiving or Christmas with their family. They're just waiting for their turn to get back to some kind of life," said Espinoza.


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