SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/ CBS5) Thousands of people are signing a Scottsdale doctor's petition for Governor Doug Ducey to "lock down" Arizona in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

"It's not bad here yet. And it's going to be," said Dr. JulieAnn Heathcott, an an obstetrics and gynecology specialist who started the petition. 

Dr. Heathcott says she worries that with people still packing hiking trails and squeezing into grocery stores in Arizona, the coronavirus is spreading quickly.

Symptoms sometimes don't develop for up to two weeks, or sometimes not at all, so Dr. Heathcott says people could be circulating around Arizona with coronavirus, giving it to other people without even knowing it. 

"Hospitals and healthcare workers will get inundated and not have the supplies that they need and start having to make choices they shouldn't have to make," Dr. Heathcott said. 

Dr. Heathcott wants Governor Ducey to place Arizona under a shelter-in-place order for around two weeks, closing down non-essential businesses statewide. 

Many in the medical community agree, and have already signed the petition. 

"If you wait until enough people have it to have the courage to tell people to stay home, at that point it's impossible to flatten the curve and the system has already reached its maximum capacity," said Dr. Laurie Jones, a pediatric physician who supports the petition. 

So far, Arizona has lagged behind other states when it comes to testing for coronavirus, and doctors say there are likely numerous unknown cases. 

But today, thousands also signed Dr. Heathcott's petition. "I am very happy that people are agreeing with me and know that this needs to happen," Dr. Heathcott said. "I knew there was the whole community of healthcare workers that would be signing it and know it needs to happen. I want it to get to a million. I hope that it would, I hope that could keep up with that. If we get to a million hopefully he'll pay attention. "

Governor Ducey has outlined essential and non-essential businesses, but he's stopped short of issuing an order that would force non-essential businesses to close and for people to shelter in place.

If you'd like to sign the petition, you can do so HERE.


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