PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - For businesses concerned their buildings are contaminated with coronavirus, professional cleaners are stepping in.

The folks at Bio-One say they usually get called out to crime scenes to do the cleanup.

"Someone passes away, they're injured, we're the ones that come. We clean up the scene, so it's safe for the family to re-enter," said Rebecca Wallace with Bio-One.

But recently they've been getting a spike in calls to do coronavirus preemptive disinfections.

"Kind of switched from the hording and crime scenes to a lot of coronavirus concerns," said Wallace.

Friday, they were at Best Option Restoration, a place that cleans up contamination on furniture and other items from homes and businesses after a fire, flood, or other events.

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"They wanted to make sure they're taking care of their facility and of their clients by making sure every time they bring something in and out that it is decontaminated," Wallace said.

coronavirus clearning

Bio-One uses a machine that fogs a space with virus-killing chemicals.

Bio-One uses a machine that fogs a space with virus-killing chemicals. Then, they go back over and scrub surfaces with disposable towels and more virus-killing chemicals.

"Similar to bleach, but it isn't. It has a different chemical makeup," Wallace said.

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Bio-One also works in sports stadiums, schools and public buildings. Friday's cleaning was only preemptive, but Bio-One says what they're doing is important to stop the spread of coronavirus.

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"It does feel different," Wallace said. "It feels like it's spread quicker than things we've seen in the past, and that there's a lot more concern in the community. So that's really why we want to make sure that people know we're available. Because you know that concern can lead to panic, and we don't want that to happen."


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