PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- If you're going a bit stir crazy from a lack of human contact as the coronavirus crisis continues and social distancing guidelines extend through at least the end of April, you're not alone. We're all living a new normal in which nothing is certain, and it's scary. Talking to somebody might help. Thrive Therapy is a counseling practice in Phoenix that works with individuals and families in individual and group sessions, and they're launching video group sessions dedicated to helping folks deal with the challenges of the COVID-19 emergency.

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"In the face of crisis, we are seeing increasing levels of depression, isolation, and anxiety, and anxiety is really having a hay day right now because anxiety lives in uncertainty," therapist Colter Bloxom explained. "Everything about your anxiety is all about what if this could happen, maybe this would happen. We don't know what might happen."

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Thrive Therapy's first "Coronavirus Support Group" video call is Wednesday, April 1 at noon, and it's just $10 to join. During the video calls, people will work with a therapist. Bloxom says Thrive Therapy's goal is to make therapy affordable, break down the stigmas associated with therapy, and allow people to see how it may work for them.

"Therapy is not for people who are broken or messed up," he said. "Therapy is for people that value enjoying their life and can be present in their life and can recognize when something feels off. Going to the gym is for people who want to be physically fit. Going to therapy is for people who want to be emotionally healthy. Going to therapy is going to get more information, really to get more tools on how to handle distressing emotions, so you know how to have a better relationship with your thoughts, and you can be more present and enjoy your life more.

That $10 fee also gives you access to all other weekly group calls free of any additional charge. And, if you can't make that time work, you can still sign up. Thrive Therapy will send out a link with the recording of the call to everybody. The deadline for signing up 7 p.m. today. 

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