PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Proving you are vaccinated and using a so-called "vaccine passport" was an idea to try and make people feel at ease at events and gatherings, but Governor Ducey says it's not something you'll see here in Arizona. 

Now a group of local entrepreneurs are proposing something else instead. What they've come up with is a bracelet. The COVID Verified bracelet is what the company COVID Verified calls an easily identifiable way for vaccinated people to voluntarily share their status and show their support and solidarity in the race to vaccinate. 

“We feel it is a good thing that people get vaccinated, get safe. We can get through the pandemic and people can get back to work, and a regular life, and we feel the band is just a part of that effort,” said Craig Matthew, COVID Verifed Partner. Matthew is one of the owners of Smooth Brew Coffee Shop in Downtown Phoenix. The idea for the bracelets started there. Matthew and his partners teamed up to start COVID Verified and launch the bracelets. 

“To get people back in and get the employees to be more comfortable we thought what would work. What would be a notification once the vaccines were released? And so, there was some knowledge about who you were interacting with at the shop, and employees being comfortable.” Said one of the other COVID Verified partners, Clint Coonfer.” 

The organization has set a goal to distribute 10 million bracelets by the end of the year. After you get your vaccine, you can go to to get your bracelet.


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