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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - School districts in the Phoenix-area are starting to alter in-person learning plans as COVID-19 cases grow in Maricopa County. 

Arizona's Family has compiled plans from Phoenix-area school districts. Please check back regularly as the information on this page changes often.

Agua Fria Union High School District

When students start their second semester on Jan. 4, they will be on a remote virtual A/B block schedule. Classes one, two and three will meet virtually on Monday and Thursday. Classes four, five and six will meet virtually on Tuesday and Friday. Wednesday will be a teaching and learning day. 

There is no set date for a return to in-person learning. The school board is scheduled to meet on Jan. 13. 

🡕 District website | Parent/guardian handbook

COVID-19 Information Line: 623-932-7090

Alhambra Elementary School District

The superintendent says Alhambra will continue its distance learning model through the end of the third quarter on March 5. The district is working on a plan to return to in-person learning for the fourth quarter. At this point, it's looking at three possible dates. 

  • March 18 - This is the first possible date for the district's return to in-person learning. It depends on whether staff members have been able to get the vaccine in time.
  • April 1 - If March 18 does not work, this is the first backup date.
  • May 6 - If the district cannot return to in-person learning by this date, it will stick with distance learning through the end of the school year.

Parent will have the option to keep their students in the distance learning model. The district plans to send out a survey in early February.

🡕 Digital Citizenship Class (for parents)

🡕 Distance Learning University

🡕 Click here for more information

Apache Junction Unified School District (Pinal County)

The district voted to return to in-person learning on March 22, which is after spring break. There will still be an online learning option.

🡕 District website

Avondale Elementary School District

All students are continuing in remote learning.

"As you are aware, AESD has not established reopening guidelines to return to in person learning," explains the district's website. "We will address this in a governing board work session after the winter break."

🡕 Click here for more information

Balsz Elementary School District

The district will start its second semester in virtual-learning mode. Students will stay online until at least Jan. 19. All schools and buildings will remain closed, and district staff will work remotely. The hope is to move to the hybrid program that they used for most of the first semester starting Tuesday, Jan. 19. The plan gives families who might have traveled or had out-of-state visitors during the winter break two weeks to self-quarantine.

🡕 District COVID-19 website | FAQs

BASIS Charter Schools

BASIS.ed, which operates 22 charter schools through the Valley and Arizona, will not open for in-person learning until the third or fourth weeks of February. BASIS.ed follows the health guidelines and mandates of local, state, and federal health officials, and is in touch with its families about current conditions. For the 2020-21 school year, the network has implemented a 'Families Choose in 2020-21' program, with parents indicating whether they would prefer to have their students receive instruction via distance learning, or in-person.

BASIS Charter Schools website.

Buckeye Elementary School District

The school district will remain in virtual learning mode until the week of Feb. 2. We continue to monitor county heath sites for data on the potential risk.

The return to in class learning is the goal of the school district.

A COVID-19 dashboard is being provided by the school district. Click here to see any confirmed cases.

Buckeye Union High School District

BUHSD will be in Distance Learning for all students for, at least, the first two weeks of January. On January 4, all schools will follow their late start schedule. See the district's Distance Learning Parameters by clicking here.

On-Site Support location at each school will remain open for students who need it to be able to access their Distance Learning classes.

A detailed learning plan for the 2020-2021 school year can be found here.

Cartwright School District

The Governing Board voted on Jan 14 to continue the 2020-2021 school year with the distance learning model for now.

The metrics simply do not allow an in-person return because the threat of infection remains substantial in our community. We will reassess the situation again during our Governing Board meeting in February but trust that we will always make the right decision for our entire school community.

More information here.

Cave Creek Unified School District

Superintendent Debbi C. Burdick, Ed.D. sent a note to families on Nov. 24 that mentions in-person is best for students even with the rise in cases. Read the letter here.  More information here.

The district will continue to offer both in person and virtual options at this time.

Chandler Unified School District

Board members held a meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 13, deciding that students will resume in-person classes on Monday, Jan. 19. The district will also have additional staff for Chandler Online Academy for students who don't feel comfortable going back in person.

The district is updating the dashboard daily with active cases by school. That dashboard can be viewed hereMore information on the district here

Creighton Elementary School District

Because of the noticeable increase in COVID-19 cases in the district, the schools resumed with remote learning-only on Nov. 13 and it'll continue through at least the third quarter. They'll continue through winter break (Dec. 21-Jan. 1). In-person learning for students in self-contained special education and developmental preschool programs will continue, according to the district. For more information, click/tap here.

Deer Valley Unified School District

During a board meeting on Dec. 8, the district said it plans to continue in-person teaching and learning through Dec. 18. However, board members are concerned about a post-holiday spike in cases so they approved a short-term virtual plan for all starting in the second semester. 

K-8 students and Early Childhood

  • Virtual learning: Jan. 4-15
  • In-person starts: Tuesday, Jan. 19 (Monday, Jan. 18 is a holiday)

High school students

  • Virtual learning: Jan. 4-22
  • In-person starts: Monday, Jan. 25

The district's COVID-19 dashboard can be found hereMore information here.

Dysart Unified School District

All students started online learning in August but by the end of September, all grades were allowed to return to campus. Students who were doing full-time distance learning through Dysart iSchool were able tp continue that.

But as COVID-19 cases soared, about 160 teachers in the district planned to stage a "sick out" on Monday, Jan. 11. However, the district said schools would remain open. "We will continue to monitor the situation and notify parents if any changes are made," read a statement from the district on Jan. 10.

For more information, visit their website.

Fountain Hills Unified School District

All schools within FHUSD. as of January 4, 2021, McDowell Mountain Elementary School, Fountain Hills middle School, and Fountain Hills high School will be following these guidelines.

If your child is enrolled in Option A: Traditional Learning, your student will attend school daily in-person. Remote learning will be reserved for students who are ill or quarantined or if it’s been selected as a permanent option.

If your child is enrolled in Option B: Remote Learning, remote learning with live instruction will continue until the end of the second semester.

If your child is enrolled in Option D: Virtual Academy, your child will not be attending school on campus. Attendance will be monitored through the Schools PLP dashboard. This is an independent study instructional model.

FHUSD COVID-19 updates and information can be found here.

Fowler Elementary School District

All Fowler Elementary School District (FESD) students will continue with virtual/online instruction through March 12, 2021.

Metrics will be reviewed by the Governing Board at their regularly scheduled meetings in January, February and March. At each meeting the Board will discuss and determine if our students will continue with virtual/online instruction for the next month or transition to hybrid model of instruction.

Read our Distance Learning Plan Template for School Districts in its entirety.

Gilbert Public Schools

In a board meeting Monday, Jan. 4, board members voted that all students in Gilbert Public Schools will remain in hybrid-learning model until Jan. 29. 

Gilbert Schools has a full dashboard now listing individual cases for every school in their district. Click HERE to see the dashboard.

More information can be found here.

Glendale Elementary School District

As of Dec. 24, All three benchmarks fall in the substantial category requiring us to continue in the virtual learning model with onsite support when we return from Winter Break. All school and district offices will also continue operating under our current virtual work environments.

The earliest projected date for a return to school in the hybrid model is Monday, February 1, 2021. As always, we are monitoring the metrics to inform our planning.

Glendale Union High School District

The GUHSD Reopening Task Force says that based on the latest COVID-19 benchmark updates, schools in the district will remain under remote learning until metrics indicate it is safe to return to in-person learning. It takes two weeks for metrics in the yellow category to return to hybrid learning. Currently, all the metrics are in the red category.

The decision is based on the current COVID-19 numbers released on the Maricopa County Department of Public Health website. 

 More information here. GUHSD current COVID-19 benchmarks.

Higley Unified School District

As of Nov. 6, the district acknowledged that COVID metrics are trending in the wrong direction, but that officials are monitoring the latest numbers and have not yet announced any plans to return to virtual learning. Classes resumed in-person on Jan. 4. The district also released a video detailing the changes at school campuses. More information here. HUSD COVID-19 dashboard.

Isaac Elementary School District

As of Jan. 7, the overall risk level for the Isaac Elementary School district was substantial, which is recommended virtual learning with onsite support. The district recommended for students and staff returning to in-person learning environments to review protective measures for a safe return.  More information here.

J.O. Combs Unified School District

The J.O. Combs Unified School District returned to in-person learning Sept. 8. The district has added a dashboard to track the number of active cases on their website. Schools considered to have an 'outbreak' means there are at least two cases of confirmed COVID-19. More information here. Curbside meal program

Kyrene School District

Kyrene School District students remain in online learning following winter break. District leaders are monitoring the latest data from the Maricopa County Health Department and are making plans for the rest of the second semester. The district is expected to release future plans after receiving an update from the county dashboard on Jan. 7. More information here  | Kyrene COVID-19 dashboard.

Laveen Elementary School District

The Laveen Elementary School District has voted to transition to virtual learning beginning on November 30.   Updates for students and parents can be found here. More information here | Safety Measures

The school district has released their own COVID-19 case dashboard and community resting resource for the public, students, staff and parents. You can see the dashboard here

Liberty Elementary School District

LESD says virtual learning to continue at least through January 22nd. 

The district is hoping to reach all three health benchmarks for two consecutive weeks so students can resume in-person learning. More information here.

Litchfield Elementary School District

Due to a spike in COVID-19 data, Litchfield Elementary School District will continue distance learning until further notice. The district is hoping to have more information/an update after Thanksgiving. More information here.

Littleton Elementary School District

Students will remain in full-time distance learning through January 15, 2021, meaning that students will remain in online learning after the winter break. The Littleton School Board will review the decision at their regularly scheduled meeting on January 12th to decide if January 19th is a good day to resume a hybrid-in-person learning or continue to delay it. More information here

Madison Elementary School District

On Jan. 19, the Governing Board voted to push back the possible date to return to hybrid learning to Feb. 22. That's based on the downward metric trends and having staff be vaccinated.

On Jan. 12, the board changed how they decide if everyone can go back to in-person learning. The district will now use data from the City of Phoenix and two of its benchmarks will have to be in the "yellow" range before everyone can come back.

The data on the dashboard reflects the active and recovered cases reported during in-person learning. The data will be updated every Friday by 5 p.m.

The district has also released its comprehensive plan that outlines protocols on how it plans to keep everyone safe when in-person school begins. More information here | Start of School Information Chart

Mesa Public Schools

The superintendent said on Dec. 3 that for the remainder of the first semester, changes in learning models will be made on a classroom-by-classroom, program-by-program or school-by-school basis.

The district hopes to return to five-day modified in-person learning on Tuesday, Jan. 19. The district dashboard that displays current active COVID-19 cases in the district will update weekly.

On Jan. 14, families and staff were notified whether their school will open in a remote, two-day or five-day modified in-person learning model on Jan. 19, based on school and department metrics.

Remote learning continues to be a choice for the families who made that selection earlier this fall.

More information hereClick for safety measures.

Murphy Elementary School District

On Nov. 9, the district's governing board unanimously approved to have the district remain in Phase 2 of their Return to School Plan until at least January 19, 2021. This means that they will have a limited number of students on each of their three campuses. While the district remains in Phase 2, they will continue to provide breakfast/lunch and meals for the weekend (Friday distribution) during regularly scheduled school days.

The district is required to adhere to the benchmark metrics from Maricopa County Public Health Department to determine if they are ready to move forward with their plan on having students on our campuses full time. This data is released every Thursday morning and can be accessed here.

Phase 2 offers resources for students who need a place to continue with virtual, online learning in a safe environment. All students and staff who are on campus attend voluntarily and during the hours of 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday through Friday. The district will remain in Phase 2 until the benchmarks are met to begin a hybrid learning environment.

Parents will still have the choice to have their child either return to classroom instruction or continue with virtual instruction. More information here

The district released their plan for safety protocols when they decide to return to in-person learning.

Osborn Elementary School District

In a video released on Dec. 8, the superintendent said the district will continue online learning when students return from winter break on Jan. 4, 2021. The Superintendent Public Health Advisory Committee won't convene until mid-January at the earliest to decide what to do next.

More information here | Important dates for school year

Paloma Elementary School District

The school year will start on August 3rd with everyone participating in distance learning.  Parents will have the option to continue with their child in distance learning or attend in-person classes as soon as face-to-face learning is allowed.  Please monitor the district's COVID-19 link for the most up to date information: 

Paradise Valley Unified School District

Because of the sharp increase in COVID-19 cases, the district returned to online learning on Nov. 23. Students are back to the PVConnect model, similar to what they used at the start of the school year. On Dec. 16, the district said virtual learning will continue when the second semester starts after winter break. As of Jan. 7, both COVID-19 metrics were in the red, meaning online learning will continue. Latest info here.

Pendergast Elementary School District

School began August 5th through the district's online distance learning program. In-person schooling is delayed until further notice. The school district states families will be notified well in advance of any changes. More information here.

Peoria Unified School District

Peoria Unified School District is offering in-person and virtual learning after the winter break - giving parents/students the option which learning environment they would prefer. However, due to a lack of staffing, a number of following schools were closed on Monday, Jan. 11. But the district said instruction would return to normal on Tuesday, Jan. 12.

More information can be found here.

Phoenix Elementary School District

With statewide health benchmarks on the rise, the Governing Board voted to postpone the reopening of schools until at least January. Benchmarks will continue to be monitored over winter break, and the district will tentatively plan to reopen for in-person learning on January 14 if approved benchmarks are met. A return to school plan can be found here.

Phoenix Union High School District

The district's regularly scheduled first day of school was Aug. 3 and an announcement was made that in-person learning would not be considered until February 16, 2021. The district also announced they will be launching PXU Remote Learning 2.0. If state and county data reaches minimal spread in November, the district will consider even more on-site options to end the quarter. Employee return-to-work dates will also remain the same. The district announced on Nov. 12 that it will formally end the fall sports season on Monday, Nov. 16 and suspend the start of the winter sports season.

During a district board meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 22, district officials began looking at new ways to keep kids safe on campus, now that the district has cut school resource officers. District's website

Queen Creek Unified School District

QCUSD started online schooling on August 3, 2020 via the Queen Creek Virtual Academy. On August 17, 2020, QCUSD started in-person learning for all students. Students also have the option of continuing online schooling via the Queen Creek Virtual Academy. More information here | Frequently asked questions

Riverside Elementary School District

The district started their Stem2 Distance Learning program on July 27, 2020. In-person learning will not begin until further notice. These dates are fluid and may change as the district receives additional guidance from the governor, Arizona Department of Health, Arizona Department of Education, and the Centers for Disease Control. District's website | Frequently asked questions

Roosevelt School District

The district started online learning for all students on August 3. As a result of a thorough review of the Maricopa County COVID-19 health data for the South Phoenix community, the district has made the decision to remain in a virtual learning setting at least the beginning of 3rd trimester, which occurs in mid-February, data permitting. The district has developed three learning settings to meet the student and family needs for the 2020-2021 school year when it is safe to introduce them. Those options will include a full-time virtual academy, a full time in-person option and a flexible combination of the two. More information on the return-to-school plan here.

Scottsdale Unified School District

The district allowed elementary and special education self-contained students to return for full-day, in-person learning on Jan. 4. Middle school students and high school students are set to return on Tuesday, Jan. 19. The SUSD governing board is holding a meeting on the evening of Tuesday, Jan. 19. The District's website has the latest information.

Tempe Elementary School District

Classes will remain online until at least Friday, January 22, 2021. In-person learning may begin on January 25 if benchmarks are met to reopen. 

More information can be found here.

Tempe Union High School District

Classes resumed on Jan. 4, 2021 in virtual learning mode. The distance learning will continue until further notice.

More information on school reopening here.

Tolleson Elementary School District

Students returned to school in online learning mode on January 4. The district says it hopes to resume in-school Learning on Jan. 19 following the Dr. Martin Luther King JR holiday on Jan. 18. 

For more information visit the district website.

Tolleson Union High School District

The district says remote learning will continue until March 12, the Friday before spring break. You can find more information on the district website.

Union Elementary School District

Students started the new semester with a remote learning, but returned to a five-day modified (hybrid) in-person learning on Monday, January 11.

More information can be found here.

Washington Elementary School District

Students returned to online learning on Monday, Jan. 4, and will continue that model until further notice.

Click here for more  information | Frequently asked questions

Wilson Elementary School District

Virtual instruction resumed on January 5, 2021. The district estimates students will not be returning to in-person learning until Jan. 25, 2021 or later (when the metrics indicate it is safe to return.)

 The district's website has more information.

If you know your district's start date and return-to-school plans, email the assignment desk and we'll add them.


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