PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- While the governor announced the shutdown of some businesses again Monday, some hospital nurses and doctors say it's too little too late.

The governor acknowledged Arizona is not in a good place, the numbers aren’t good, and that's why the state needs to make some changes and close some businesses down again.

An HonorHealth nurse, who has asked to remain anonymous, said it needs to be clear to the governor that Arizona hospitals are desperate for more help. She walks into the ICU and emergency rooms, and this is what she sees.

“People are waiting in the hallways of the ERs. It’s not safe,” she said. “We’re short-staffed. Every hospital is short-staffed.” This nurse criticized Governor Doug Ducey's handling of the pandemic in Arizona.

“Drop the politics. This is life and death,” she said. She said right now it is out of control in their hospitals.

“It feels at this point we’ve been set up for failure in our state. Born and raised in Arizona, and I never thought that I would feel like living here would put my life in danger more than other places. But it’s how I feel,” she said.

She said right now, ICU nurses have to care for three patients at a time instead of two, and they're running out of tubing to feed patients on ventilators. But she said most concerning is that their ICU beds are full.

“If each person in Arizona understands that there may not be a bed for them, maybe they will put on that mask,” she said.

Governor Ducey called the situation in our state brutal.

"Our numbers continue to increase in Arizona; they're going in the wrong direction,” the governor said. “So if you need to get something done, get it done. Get home. Personal responsibility and responsible behavior can go a long way to slow this virus."

She said while Governor Ducey shutting down bars and some other businesses for a month is a good start, but she said this should've been done weeks ago, and seeing positive effects from Monday’s actions will take time.

“We may see the numbers, hopefully declining, in a month or so, I would say,” she said. “Is it late? Yeah. It’s late. We’re already here.”

HonorHealth said they are preparing to implement phase one of their surge plans if needed as early as this week to provide more capacity. But said at this time, they have sufficient bed capacity, equipment, supplies, and staffing at all of their facilities.


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