The company is pumping out a product that puts small businesses first.

GLENDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - As small businesses struggle through the pandemic closures, one local company is using t-shirts to help out. The Glendale screen printing company is pumping out product that helps other small businesses first.

The doors at Bully Brew Coffee in Glendale are still open, but that doesn’t mean business is booming during the stay-at-home orders.

“A lot of our business comes from farmer’s markets, events that have been canceled, or contracts that have been canceled,” said co-owner Tabitha Wall.

Last week she was approached by another small business owner with an idea to help make ends meet. “You could definitely tell he has a heart for people,” Wall said. “His passion is just completely unparalleled.”

She was talking about Casey Morrell, a kid pastor who also owns 4 Him Printing Co. “I give back at church, and I give back at my school. I would love to give back in my community,” Morrell said.

With inspiration from an out-of-state mentor, he came up with a way to help local small businesses stay here for good – hence the ‘Here For Good’ slogan on the shirts he’s making. Morrell sells them for $20 each. When you buy one, you get to pick a local small business to get half of that money.

”Pretty much all you have to do is you have to get your clients, your people who you are, to buy one of these shirts,” he said.

Morrell actually donates more to other companies than he makes for himself on each shirt, but all he wants to do is grow his list of small businesses for buyers to choose from. “We would love to help 500 local, small businesses. And the cool thing is it’s an Arizona thing,” he said.

At Bully Brew, they made $100 from the t-shirt sales in just the first 24 hours. “There’s a lot of people out there that will keep that focus on the ‘we’ instead of the ‘me,’ and it’s so important,” Wall said.

If you want to buy a shirt, or if you have a business that you want to be involved in the ‘Here For Good’ sales, click here.


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