(CBS) -- A woman who had to take a flight last week to see her dying mother found herself the only passenger on the plane.

Sheryl Pardo says she was nervous about flying during a pandemic, but her mother was critically ill, and she felt she had to go see her one last time.

So, last week, Pardo flew from Washington, D.C. to Boston to see her mom, who died shortly afterward.

Pardo's mom died a few days later

Pardo's mom died a few days later.

Turns out, Pardo was the only passenger on the plane. In fact, she was outnumbered by the two flight attendants, Jessica and Dion. The crew made sure their lone passenger got great service, and of course, gave her a seat in first class, as well as a "shout out" to their special passenger.

Coronavirus fears have led to many near-empty planes and forced some carriers to sharply reduce the number of daily flights. Last week, Southwest Airline canceled 1,500 of its almost-4,000 daily flights

Amid the COVID-19 threat, snack and drink rules are being implemented by a number of carriers. Delta Air Lines, Southwest and American Airlines have all announced that they're temporarily suspending beverage service and cutting meal service as way to cut costs and reduce the number of items flight attendants touch.


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