FLAGSTAFF, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - The National Institutes of Health is launching a nationwide $470 million dollar study on long term COVID. TGen in Flagstaff is participating, specifically focusing on children and young adults. 

Body swelling, headaches and possibly a stroke, are the serious symptoms Cottonwood attorney Sebrina Shaw said she has long after testing positive for COVID. "No one can definitively tell me if that stroke was tied to long COVID but it was the only change to the health I've had,” said Shaw. For the past year, she's looked for answers, anything to get back to normal. She admits, the symptoms are debilitating. "Even though I pushed through, its hard and I want people to know its real,” said Shaw.

The National Institutes of Health is trying to find answers for patients like Shaw with a $470 million dollar nationwide study. TGen in Flagstaff is a part of the study, specifically looking at long COVID in children and young adults who make up 30% of all new infections. 

"We think studying long COVID is really important because it really has an impact on your life,” said Dr. Huentelman, lead researcher in TGen's team. They're in the early stages of the study, recruiting families and finding out how common long COVID symptoms are and a possible link between patients, including underlying symptoms as well risk factors. "The goal could be to provide an understanding of what long COVID is,” said Dr. Huentelman. "As well as can we treat it or prevent it altogether.”

It represents hope to people like Shaw, she hopes the study brings answers to stop the symptoms she’s been suffering from. "My hope is that they can get a handle on this by studying people like myself and others who are willing to be a part of this research,” said Shaw. If you would like to sign up for the study click here.

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