MARICOPA COUNTY, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- If you think COVID-19 is no big deal, new details about the side effects might change your mind.

An East Valley urologist said he's seeing a connection between the virus and erectile dysfunction. "That's a concern to me personally, and to my friends, and my patients," said Banner Health Dr. Rahul Mehan. "We don't want to have erectile dysfunction. It can affect the testicles. It can affect the blood vessels in our penis. It can affect our mental well being which is tied to our sexual health and four, basically our overall generalized health. When that goes down our sexual health goes down."

Mehan said ED is already common with 40 percent of men in their 40s having it and 50%of guys in their 50s. "...and on and on as you get older," said Mehan. "COVID I think is just accelerating that process."

He said researchers are just starting to look into this and trying to figure out if COVID-19 could affect your chances of having kids. "If I could get this virus and then ultimately have permanent erectile dysfunction, I mean, that's crazy," said Mehan. "We don't have an exact number or association of if you get COVID this is your risk of having erectile dysfunction or infertility, but there's definitely an association in there."

He said ED is very treatable, no matter how severe the case is.


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