PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Empty shelves in stores are now the new normal amid coronavirus fears. But as people stock up, experts have a message for those in panic mode. 
Arizona experts hope to ease fears for panicked shoppers amid coronavirus
"We are asking our customers to do their best to be considerate of the next person. It doesn’t do anyone any good if you have what you need, and the next person doesn’t have it," said Mark Miller, president of Arizona Food Marketing Alliance said.
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends stocking up on a two-week supply of food and water. But some people are going beyond that, resorting to hoarding. Valley shoppers we spoke to said they are frustrated because of it. 
"Selfish! I don’t think you should go and take a whole bunch of toilet paper when other people need it," said Dwight Swain. 
Experts said once supplies are restocked, stores might have to start limiting how many items people can buy. Major retailers are now working to meet the demand by adjusting store hours. 
"Be considerate of you fellow customers. Be considerate of your fellow neighbors, and be compassionate. If someone needs something that you have, loan it to them," Miller said. 


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