PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- If you're prone to breakouts, you might be familiar with "maskne," which is acne caused by wearing masks.

"If you're wearing a mask, you have the rubbing of the mask," said dermatologist Richard Bottiglione. "That friction and that perspiration under the mask, because, obviously, the heat under the mask is a little greater. And, you're breathing. When you have that perspiration, and the excess oil developing in the pore, plus a little irritation, it seems like it develops a pimple."

Gilbert resident Jen Kotkin said she's experienced maskne.

'Maskne': Why your face is breaking out under your mask and how to stop it

"Mostly just irritation and a little breakout on my skin," said Kotkin. "I have rosacea, so it definitely irritated it."

Masks and the Phoenix heat are a bad combination for acne-prone skin. "If you're wearing a mask, and it's 115 degrees, and you're perspiring more, that perspiration seems to create oil in the pore and make things worse," said Dr. Bottiglione.

He said makeup can also make it worse, so he recommends oil-free products.

The best way to prevent acne, is to clean your face the moment you take off your mask. If you're wearing a mask all day, Bottiglione says you should wash your face every two to four hours. He says cloth masks might be better because they're more breathable.

"It's nice to hide it under the mask, but it's definitely a little uncomfortable. And when I take my mask off, I don't want to see my face broken out and red," said Kotkin.


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