PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- A tiny house called "The Nest" in Phoenix is causing a lot of trouble for the couple who owns it.

"From day one, we had good success with renting it out," said Gilbert Cardenas.

Parked in their backyard, they rent the tiny home out on vacation rental sites for extra income.

[WATCH: Phoenix couple gets complaints about short-term renting their tiny home]

"I was able to not have a full-time job, so that I could be home with my girls," said Cassandra Cardenas.

But someone complained about it to the City of Phoenix, and now the government is telling the couple that they have to shut it down.

"A violation that people were permanently living in the house, which was not the case. We were renting it for short-term use only," Gilbert said.

The complaint was anonymous.

"All of our immediate neighbors we know and are close with and [are] all very much in support," Cassandra said.

The Cardenases had looked into city laws before building the tiny house and thought since the house was on wheels and was a short-term rental that it was OK. But a second complaint prompted the city inspector to pay them a visit.

"What they told us was it either had to be attached to the house, or we had to be rezoned for a multi-family property," Gilbert said.

So they went back to the City of Phoenix and are now working with the planning department to see if they can find a way to keep the tiny house.

"There is a gray area, and the laws were not written before the tiny house movement became a trend," said Cassandra.

Their last guest stayed at the tiny house on June 12, and the rest of their bookings had to be canceled.

In fear that they won't be able to resolve the issue with the City of Phoenix and the lack of extra money coming in, they have listed the tiny house for sale.

"We've put so much work and love into it to have it end so anticlimactically, really, is heartbreaking," Cassandra said.

For more information on their tiny house, visit their website.


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