COCHISE COUNTY, AZ (3TV/CBS 5)--The Cochise County Sheriff's Office is warning the public of deadly violence south of the border.

The department reported on their Facebook page Monday night that at least 10 people have been killed in rival cartel fights.

[MAP: Border towns experiencing significant violence]

Sheriff officials reported the towns that are experiencing heavy violence are Agua Prieta, Naco Sonora and Nogales Sonora.

[WATCH: Cochise County Sheriff's Office warns public of border violence]

CCSO added that other law enforcement agencies are aware of the situation and they are monitoring the border security. 


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(33) comments


Stay out of Mexico.


scary oh well I'm already a segregated life in my own house [thumbup]


Why is this news??? Its been a wave of violence for at least , lets see 50 fn years!!!!! I was in Douglas 10 years ago and a cartel gun battle went off across the border that we watched it in the parking lot next to the fence..... Not new news.... Really??


End the For Profit Drug War and see how fast everyone can sleep better at night and the money we could save to use on more important issues like public schools, homelessness and our veterans! But that will never happen, government politicians and government workers have to much invested. Their paychecks depend on it!


not - How the h3ll did you get sostupid? You remind me of o e of those people that need to be slapped a few times after they've been punched in the face multiple times. Catch up and pay attention dumb*ss.


Hey Wearenotperfect, the thick skulls of most conservatives are impenetrable to logic and reason. They'll work hard at manufacturing ways to become viral victims and have been programmed to embrace stup1dity, tr0lling, and reckless hate. -- When you challenge their ill conceived and provocative ideas they get dismissive, angry, loud and super in5ecure about their intelligence, threaten you or hurl person insults at you etc.. You're dealing with petulant troll$ who are AFRAID of being wrong, who'd rather scr3w you over then help you when you need it the most.


"When you challenge their ill conceived and provocative ideas .." If wanting to kick a bunch of ILLEGAL roaches back across the border is considered ill conceived and provocative, I can live with that.


Hey, dumb*ss, yeah you Anlgn. You don't have to mix symbols and numbers with words like "insecure" and "trolls". Those type of words will pass the filter. It's words like "d"mb*ss", or "dipsh*t" and other words that I call you that need special characters replacing certain leatters. You got it dipsh*t? Catch up and pay attention b*tch... you're making that wonderful education of yours look bad.


"AFRAID". HAHAHAHA. Nobody's afraid dingle berry. You guys crack me up, using words and terms like 'afraid', 'phobic', 'hate'. Completely misused terms. Too funny.



Agustus Gloop

Just to clarify, I'm suggesting the Arizona's Family Knights of Righteousness head south to fight the cartels. Article and I said nothing about illegal immigrants. Members of AFKR stand tall, you are always griping about crime, so go do something about it, fight the cartels. Win and take their money and build the wall.


Countries who have decriminalized illicit drug use and instead treat it as a public health issue have shown to reduce drug related crimes, reduce incarceration rates as well as costs associated with incarcerating drug addicts etc., actually saves lives of the addicted, reel-in spending and save money. Rather than how a number of states enact for-profit schemes which benefit for-profit prisons and the corrupt judges willing to prosecute on their behalf. -- Here in the land of the GOP we have a system where Think Tanks, ie Big Money via a committee of old white men, conjure up ideas/policies specifically intended to incarcerate The People for non-violent crimes like drug addiction, while simultaneously gaming the system to benefit the wealthy few. Bankers, CEO's, Big Pharma, Politicians, etc., routinely get away with acts of conspiracy, various felonies including fraud, theft, transferring dirty/terrorist money via international Shell Companies, murder, as well conspiracy to cover up crimes being investigated by the DOJ. -- Pay attention to the Panama Papers, pay attention to the United States House Committee on the judiciary, pay attention to the Douche Bank Scandal, the Steele Dossier, as well as Mueller and the 800+ former Federal prosecutors who say the 2016 Russia Investigation Report lays out evidence that Trump Obstructed Justice and would be indicted if not for being a sitting President. The timing of all these MAJOR events illustrates a system of corruption which benefits the wealthy few, and the current Conservative Party is arguably the most corrupt party the USA has dealt with since the Confederates 1863. -- The Peoples rights come secondary to GOP's profit margins. They are quite good at re-defining what is and is not a "crime" just so they can more easily violate your rights and increase their profits. --


Everyone should already know this is so true and stay away from mexico. They cannot control their own criminals so shove them across the border so we have to take care of them then raise hxll when they are caught and prosecuted.


I'm sure he's just another Trump agent trying to stir up fear so we don't determine that we should keep importing this behavior by the boatload, and welcome their issues with open arms. It's clear how much respect they have for our country and citizens, why not bring in the mentality? Clearly any problem south of us are part of a manufactured crisis because of Trump's racial leanings, you know, the ones he never exhibited until he ran against a dem. It has nothing to do with crime, economics, or social issues associated with unchecked illegal immigration.


That virtue signaling is SUCH a turn on! You are an All-American MAN. StupidSailor, if I only I could find somebody like you.... You surely have it all. Wanna meet for drinks sometime, sexy?


looklike - You Don't think your reply to '1stupidsailor' is weird or signs of childishness or emotional immaturity? Most normal adults don't talk or communicate like that. If you think it makes the recipient uncomfortable, you're wrong. The common thought when a reply like yours has been received is that the sender is likely a troubled person with a lot of problems in their life. No one is bothered by it or made to feel uncomfortable by it.


You bothered because of how realistic I can play liberal? My points were obvious, adorable how you avoided them, but not surprising.


Wtf are you talking about psycho.

Agustus Gloop

Perfect opportunity for Arizona's Family Knights of Righteousness to finally take some action and spare the rest of us, very fine citizens, the constant drone of their whining, crybaby, playing the victim, always a problem rhetoric. Unite brothers of AFKR and head south and take your keyboard bravado into battle with the cartels. You will be MingAGA as well as return home to a hero's welcoming parade. Who's in...Dean, Tony, AzRepublican, Wazoolie, MyOwnMind, Nutsplash, NavyJr., TrumpSupporter, MAGAMia and ObeyLaws (aka brownZ cancer guy)? Any others I missed, please add.


You really need meds!


Dumb Mexican


Is that liberalese for "Yes I know there's a huge problem but don't have a clue how to discuss it because it's a cornerstone of the identity politics I push daily"? I get that you probably aren't a net taxpayer or contributing member of society, thereby making it difficult for you to understand why importing crime is bad, but out of curiosity, how many illegals do you house? Do you leave the door of your studio open and allow a free for all? Anything less and you're the ultimate hypocrite.


1fkdupsailor,, if it wasn’t for a Hispanic you would not be getting your welfare check ok , so instead of bashing them embrace them an bow to each an everyone u see on the street oh DONT forget to thank them to .


Azbest - So that's a no, you don't house illegals? You're asking for someone to give you something, there's a shocker. Tell me, a net taxpayer, how illegals enrich my check or my life? Welfare? That's adorable. Do you embrace people who break into your shanty and pillage? What about when they tell you they deserve to live there and are entitled to what you worked for? Do any of you libbies understand hypocrisy in any sense?


You missed me! :( Actually, ill be your Huckleberry on this one. Pay me, give me the equipment I used in Iraq, put me on the border, and tell me I can use any force necessary to keep illegals OUT, and ill be happy to do it. No parade needed. A will definitely be M G again.

Agustus Gloop

I know you are a good person, with much potential. I would hate to lose you. The others I named have made no progress, in fact they seem to be sliding deeper into their dark holes, won't be missed. You need only one correction, this article and my comments have/said nothing about illegals. My point is, get South and fight crime. Take a look at the murder rate in Juarez and compare to El Paso. And one day we will talk about what I have seen in the desert NE and SE of Gila Bend. I agree 110% with your statement about equipment, finances and use of force. I believe, what I've seen can be stopped.


I think I piggy-backed someone else's comment about illegals, into my reply. Honestly, I don't think they could pay me enough to be a mercenary IN Mexico. I like the odds to be in my favor :)


Aghast - The murder that took place the other day over by 67th and Indian School, the one where the guy ran into the street in an attempt to get away from the shooter, why was that one so significant to you and a few others as well as, apparently, a comment board moderator? Over the past several months there's been about 20 murders in that area, almost all of the victims and the murderers have been Mexican or of Mexican decent. Just like the one that occurred the other day. Why was that one more significant than the other ones?

Agustus Gloop

I believe we should be leaving condolence comments so family members can come, read and feel good for just a few moments. If they show up, they find all this hate being spewed and in their F-ed up emotional state they try to protect the honor of the loved one that died. Bad choice, like agitating a hornets nest. Those monsters like Dean would rather be angry than wrong and so they attack further. Go look at the young lady that drowned in the Verde river. Some very vile comments there. Sounds like a very sweet and lovely person. She won't be around to bring a smile to my face when I'm at the end of my road, in hospice. I was the news story once, and the monsters attacked me, unprovoked. Family member(s) showed up on the comments of murder you mention. I read the attacks, cried and then got mad and struck. Too late, damage was done.


I get that. But, what I'm talking about is why was that murder so much more significant than all the other recent murders in that area? The way it went down seems pretty clear what type of murder it was. But why so much more attention to this one than any of the other ones?


Only going by the info that was in the article the first day it was ran, not reading any updates, this is most likely a hit or related to an affair of some type.

Agustus Gloop

Maybe we are talking about two different articles? I was upset because family members were protecting the memory of the young father killed, via the comment section. The negligent posters kept attacking that grieving family member.

Agustus Gloop

To me, death is death. If I had to kill someone to save my life, I would not feel good about it.

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