(3TV/CBS 5) - A local civil rights organization is calling for a boycott of Prescott, Ariz. until a lawmaker who is under fire for making racially disparaging comments is removed from office.

The call for a boycott came from the East Valley Chapter of the NAACP one day after the Prescott City Council voted (6-1) for Rep. David Stringer's resignation.

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"Until Rep. Stringer is removed from office, the NAACP will recommend a travel advisory on the City of Prescott advising our members, supporters and allies to discontinue any shopping, travel, and lodging in hotels in Prescott, AZ effective immediately," Roy Tatem Jr., the president of the NAACP chapter, wrote in a letter to the incoming speaker of the state House.

Last week, Stringer's racially insensitive comments were published in the Phoenix New Times.

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He was recorded saying that African Americans "don't blend in" and that Somali immigrants don't look like "every other kid."

Since then many high profile politicians have called for Stringer, a Republican from Prescott, to step down.

The list includes Gov. Doug Ducey, the chairman of the Arizona Republican Party Jonathan Lines and Yavapai County Attorney Shelia Polk.

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On Wednesday, Stringer's seatmate and incoming Senate President Karen Fann joined the ranks of those who want him gone.

"Mr. Stringer has given doubt among his legislative peers regarding his judgement and ability to represent his district," she wrote in a statement.

Prescott's mayor pro tem, Billie Orr said she hopes the East Valley NAACP reconsiders its boycott.

After voting for his removal Orr said, "We want what they want."

Rep. Rusty Bowers, the speaker-elect of the state House, said there are no plans to take further action against the Prescott lawmaker.

Bowers called Stringer's remarks "revolting" and stripped him of all but one of his committee assignments.

"I took a decision to protect the integrity of the institution ... I've done what I need to do," Bowers said.

He added that expelling Stringer would be unconstitutional.


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While I am highly offended by Stringer (and I am white) it is no surprise that the NAACP, Al Sharpton, Obama's preacher, etal. start causing problems for a whole community when ONE person makes such horrible remarks. Of course the NAACP, Al Sharpton, Obama's preacher, etal. can make as many derogatory comments against white people as they want and it is perfectly fine. Notice who does the rioting when they are "offended" yet they can offend others as they wish.

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