PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - The Phoenix Suns appear to be on pace to miss the playoffs for the ninth straight year.

But the basketball franchise appears to be on the verge of scoring a big victory next week at Phoenix City Hall.

The City Council is preparing to vote on a deal to renovate the 26-year-old Talking Stick Resort Arena with taxpayer money.

According to numerous sources at the City, the makeover will cost taxpayers in excess of $150 million.

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The team's lease on the building is nearly up, giving the Suns a chance to opt out and move to a new location.

For the past year, the team has pressured the City for major upgrades.

However, word of the potential deal did not sit well members of the Phoenix police union who think the money could be better spent on beefing up the understaffed police force.


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(6) comments


, We don't need no stinkin Cops, we have gangs to protect us.


Those rich jerks can afford to pay for it themselves. Tax the players 1% of their income and a brand new arena could be built in the area of a billion dollars. Stop taxing the public for something they never go to nor want to go to.


So according to your math the Suns players earn $100 billion dollars?


The point is, the people benefiting from bball should pay, NOT the common taxpayer. Be it players, owners, or fans, just not the people who don't benefit.


I do agree with what you said JustinP but I was just pointing out that Dean was spreading "Fake News".


The police have plenty of money from the city budget. However, the Suns shouldn't get it either. Let them do what they want without subsidizing it with my tax expense.

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