PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- The City of Phoenix is looking to keep its photo enforcement cameras for years to come. By comparison, both Glendale and Tempe got rid of their traffic cameras years ago.

The cameras are the eyes and ears of traffic enforcement when police are not around.  In Phoenix, everyone seems to have an opinion about photo enforcement cameras.

[WATCH: The future of traffic cameras in Phoenix]

"[The cameras] are almost being used to punish people who drive through an intersection,” said driver Tyler Peterson.

"They prevent pedestrians from getting hit.  It prevents people from wanting to speed through the light," said pedestrian Tony Martinez.

New numbers from the City of Phoenix show that the cameras do make our streets safer.

According to the City, collisions and injury wrecks at intersections with cameras are 20 percent lower than at intersections without them.

Arizona's Family learned the City hopes to keep such enforcement alive.

Phoenix is contracted to use the cameras through the end of the year, but a City subcommittee is expected to approve a plan to renew the contract.

"It’s pretty much a given that this day in age there's cameras everywhere," Peterson noted.

The City said the main reason for the cameras is safety, but there is no denying they also help to rake in a lot of money.

The cameras have helped to generate more than $7 million over the the last decade.

For a look at the locations of the red light cameras in Phoenix, click here.


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(11) comments


Phoenix remains addicted to the loot literally stolen from mostly safe drivers with deliberately mis-engineered traffic lights and enforcement parameters aimed at giving most tickets to drivers who endangered no one. The cameras are predatory for-profit rackets that no one should tolerate for any reason.
Menlo Park just became the 81st California community to end or ban red light cameras, leaving only 28 of the active rackets in a state that once had over 100 programs. Despite being home to two of the largest for-profit camera racket companies, Arizona needs to abandon the rackets statewide.
James C. Walker, National Motorists Association


YEt another way for the govt to extort our hard earned money. Contrary to the communist people commenting, taking a persons money does not in any way make streets safer. All these cameras do is add yet another violation to our constitutional rights. What part of “free people” does the govt not understand?


Martinez, cameras don't prevent any pedestrians from getting hit. They take pictures!
Of course Phoenix renewed the cash cow. They aren't interested in fixing traffic engineering defects, they prefer to CASH IN on them. There's a reason why Glenda,e Peoria, Tempe, and dozens of cities across California ended their programs.


This is great! The more civilians know they're being watched by the State, the more they'll behave correctly. If you don't want to be watched it's probably because you're up to no good! Anyway, people shouldn't be using individual transportation anyway, they should be using Public Transit.


how about trying out communism for a change. Maybe try out the chinese or iran method of law enforcement? If you can't handle a constitutional republic, get the f out of my country.


I read Ryan Simms' comment and I am wondering if he works for the camera company that has a contact with the city? The cameras generate revenue for the city that is the real motivation here. I think you can find binary answers to whether or not the cameras make streets safer. The cameras were a disaster on the freeways they caused accidents for motorists hitting the brakes suddenly. How about traffic enforcement the old fashion way?


No, companies like RedFlex are not engaged in any unethical behavior. They exist solely to Keep Us Safe.




Outstanding!! Add more. ADOT are you reading this?? Please bring cameras back to our freeways!


Didn't the legislature pass a law to eliminate them on state-maintained highways?


you'r the smart azz around here. Answer your question yourself beetch

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