PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Tuesday was day two of trial for the Phoenix man accused of murdering his girlfriend and dumping her body.

Christine Mustafa’s body was never found.

Her boyfriend, Robert Interval, has pleaded not guilty but is now facing a jury.

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Tuesday, more of her family members took the stand, including her oldest daughter.

Interval and Mustafa had one daughter together. But Mustafa also had a daughter from a previous marriage who occasionally lived with them.

"She was loving, caring, hardworking," 17-year-old Dania said from the witness stand.

Dania told the courtroom how her mother and Interval slept in separate bedrooms.

She would sometimes hear them argue.

She says Interval would tell her that her mother was cheating on him.

She says Interval also had issues with her and would accuse her of things she did not do, like smoking.

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Then in January of 2017, the teen says she was sent off to live with her father in Jordan under Interval's direction.

"I was in the car, and he told my mom that 'if you don't send her back she's going to keep doing what she's doing,’" Dania testified.

When Dania was dropped off at the airport, it would be the last time she saw her mother.

Mustafa disappeared four months later.

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Of Mustafa’s family, her sister Jennifer may have been the last to see her during a visit on May 10, 2017.

“She was quiet and she didn't talk as much as she usually would,” she testified.

The next morning, Mustafa did not show up for work, and would not answer her phone. Something that Jennifer, her mother, and three more of Christine Mustafa’s siblings testified was highly out of the ordinary for her.

Suspicious, another sister recorded a phone call with Interval.

That recording was played Tuesday in the courtroom.

“Why does everybody look at me like I’m supposed to know where she's at?” Interval said in the recording.

In the conversation, Interval was upset Mustafa would sometimes work late. He seemed convinced that meant she was cheating on him.

“If we were in a good relationship I would be very concerned right now. But I already know she's started a new relationship with somebody else,” Interval said in the recording.

“Do you have absolute proof? How do you know that?” one of Mustafa’s sisters asked.

“Oh, I don't have proof, but I mean, she's very happy going into work early and coming home late. She's going to the gym. She's complaining she doesn't have the time or the energy to take care of the baby and I need to help more," Interval said in the recording.

Interval said the two were in the process of splitting up. Her family testified they had broken up several times before but would get back together.

"She'll come home, she always does,” said Interval in the recording.

Mustafa never did come home. Her body has never been found.


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