GILBERT, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - A man who helped with a children’s ministry in Gilbert has been arrested for child molestation according to court records.

Vineyard Community Church told members of the church on Friday that George Little was arrested for crimes against minors.

[WATCH: PD: Foster dad in Gilbert arrested for child molestation]

Information from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office indicates Little was arrested on Thursday afternoon for child molestation.

Vineyard Community Church said Little worked with elementary aged kids in the children’s ministry. At this time, it does not believe any inappropriate conduct occurred on church grounds.

The church released the following statement:

“We take the safety of our children very seriously. This is why we have workers (teachers and helpers) complete a written application that is used to assist us in performing a criminal background check on everyone who works with minors. We can assure you that there was nothing in this individual’s application or criminal background check that raised any flags or concerns.”

Little's wife, Leslie, said she's been married to her husband for 12 years, and they grew up together.

Leslie said she first found out about the allegations from police a month ago.

"At first it was denial," said Leslie. "It was just like this is not real. This is not happening. Somebody wake me up."

Leslie said the victim is someone close to her.

"When you talk to her you can’t help but believe what she’s saying," said Leslie.

"He is a great dad," said Leslie. "He comes across as very loving to the kids. He’s a wonderful provider. It’s just not something I would have ever even suspected."

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office said Little’s bond is set at 75-thousand-dollars.


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(20) comments


I know this family, and I still talk too the foster mother. I was also a foster child there, though I was lucky too not be a victim. Not that it would matter, I would be willing to give you any information I can

Wayne kenoff

Sounds about white. White people love fondling innocent children and animals. We need to send them back to their caves where they belong.


You're right, because if it was your community it wouldn't have been reported. Tell me about the consent laws and practices down south in that utopia you fled.


Thank god I'm an Atheist.


Explain to me again how the individuals seeking asylum are worse than the White Menace!

1stupidsailor has some stats to get you started. Give facts a whirl, you'd be amazed how they can impact an argument.


Another white trash who thinks his white privilege gives him the right to molest innocent children!


Azfamily - I'm just curious how a username like "Fucktrump" meets your censorship standards and rules of use?? Please explain.

Wayne kenoff

Sounds like an appropriate username to me. Go cry about it


I like it! It's kinda catchy to be honest.


The same reason facts get deleted, it follows the narrative. Libs have to control speech, otherwise it's too obvious what fools they make of themselves.

JF Conlon

How do you rate your alias? I can't even say 'gay' . . . OK, just did. Different censor today.


Joanie - I'd have to say my alias is not too fuc.kin bad...


Did you happen to catch how much his white privilege check was? Waiting on mine. So what you're really bothered by is that in white communities, their "privilege" calls this a crime, whereas in the perpetual victimhood communities, it's ignored? I know the libs are taking up the cause of pedos, but this seems a bit out of control.

JF Conlon

How many foster children do they have? Is he related to the Monster Mommy of Maricopa?


White cancer showing de trü colours


At least white people report this behavior. You just high five each other.


She thought e was a great dad, eegaad! [scared]


What is this pedophile week

JF Conlon

Sure is! The only good news is the baby seal hasn't been molested . . . . yet.

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