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Jason Monroe Smith.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - The Maricopa County Attorney's Office said it will not pursue the case against the man police said held his girlfriend hostage and "brutalized" her in a sex dungeon.

Prosecutors said they filed a motion on Monday to dismiss without prejudice the charge of kidnapping against Jason Monroe Smith.

[ORIGINAL STORY: PD: Scottsdale man arrested for 'brutalizing' girlfriend in sex dungeon]

They added that they can refile later if they want since it's "without prejudice."

According to the police report, Smith met the victim on a dating website called "Secret Benefits" and moved her into his home near Thunderbird Road and 90th Street.

Police said Smith had a sex dungeon in his home that had "medieval stocks, metal rack, chains, whips, other blunt weapons, hoist with chains, a large cage with a portable plastic toilet."

Smith made a contract for the woman in which she agreed to be the slave and he would be the master, and she would sleep in a cage, police said.

According to police, the girlfriend claimed Smith dragged her by the hair, shackled her and beat her. One time in March, her restraints broke one of her wrists, police said. He then whipped her 50 times and shocked her, court documents said.

Smith was only charged with kidnapping.

In an interview with Arizona's Family, however, the woman said she consented to the BDSM activity.

"I love him to death," the woman said.

She said she hoped prosecutors would drop the case, which they did.


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I bet that dungeon was busy last night.


The make up sex is going to be mind blowing.

Comment deleted.

'Grand Wizard' Daddy - This is the way the system is supposed to work. A police officer develops probable cause of a crime and submits that information to the County Attorney's Office for a charging decision. As happened here, a deputy county attorney reviewed the information available and chose not to file a complaint. That's not to say charges won't be filed later if facts so warrant. Since no complaint was filed there is nothing to dismiss (with or without prejudice.) Only after formal charges are filed can a JUDGE dismiss a case - that is not done by the county attorney's office - and no judge was involved here because no complaint was filed. As far as your litigious advice is concerned, governmental agencies are provided immunity from the very type of lawsuit you are advocating. If that immunity were not in place, everyone would sue every time they were arrested. It would have a significant "chilling effect" on the functions of our criminal justice system. Thanks for your comments - keep them coming - this is how you learn!


See I was correct. that female dog was all over the "Me Too Movement" BS tryin to cash in. Deez hoes know what they are doing.


She probably learned there wouldn't be enough money in it to sue.


What happens in your dungeon, stays in your dungeon....


Goofy finds daddy [ohmy]


Thank you, next. Didn't seem worth knowing anyways. Let them be. #JusticeForJason

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