CHANDLER, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) – New details about the arrest of Arizona Cardinals' Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Ron Minegar came to light Wednesday when the Chandler Police Department released its report and body-camera video.

Mingear was pulled over at about 11:30 the night of Saturday, Aug. 10, 2019.

[WATCH: Chandler PD releases body-camera video of DUI arrest of Cardinals' Ron Minegar]

According to the police report, a witness reported a "2009 Chevrolet speeding, failing to drive within one lane of traffic and driving within the bicycle lane." That witness also told police he also saw the Chevy almost hit a motorcyclist and a curb.

[ORIGINAL STORY: Arizona Cardinals EVP, COO Ron Minegar arrested for DUI in Chandler]

When an officer stopped the Chevy Tahoe at Pecos Road and Arizona Avenue, they identified the driver as Minegar. That officer said Minegar "dropped his wallet when asked for identification" and admitted to drinking before driving.

He told one officer he had three or four drinks, and then told another that he had two. He also asked more than once why he had been pulled over.

When asked about working for the Arizona Cardinals, Minegar mentioned that is was a "bad day" due to the arrest and subsequent release of lineman Darius Philon.

Officer Zackary Bansner, who wrote part the report obtained by Arizona's Family, administered a field sobriety test, which is comprised of three parts.

"Ronald advised me he had three Tito's Vodka drinks at Sidelines Bar in Chandler," Bansner said in his report.

[WATCH: Body-cam video of Minegar's field sobriety test and arrest (Note: Contains explicit language)]

The first part of the standard field sobriety test is the horizontal gaze test.

"It should be noted that Ronald had to be instructed multiple times not to moves his head and follow the stimulus with his eyes only," Bansner wrote. "Ronald also lost his balance and stumbled forward while attempted to follow the stimulus."

Minegar also failed the walk-and-turn and the one-leg stand tests, according to Bansner.

"It should be noted that Ronald was unable to stand in the starting position without stumbling to the side," he wrote of the walk-and-turn test, explaining that both it and the one-leg stand test were "terminated for the safety of Ronald."

On the video, Minegar can be heard saying that he could not do those tests because of his age and a bad hip.

Bansner said Minegar refused to take a breath test. In Arizona, if you decline to take a breath test, your driver's license is automatically suspended for 15 days from the date of the arrest. That can be challenged by requesting a hearing in writing.

After refusing the breath test, Minegar handcuffed, taken in and had blood drawn. The blood alcohol content (BAC) results were not immediately available.

Minegar was eventually cited and released.


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(7) comments


Watch Marc Victors (Attorney for Freedom) videos on traffic stops. This guy, like so many others, incriminated himself instantly. I'm not a cop basher by any means, but know your rights and know what not to do. You don't need to play the roadside games. You don't need to blow into the handheld device. That said, if you're obviously intoxicated, don't get behind the wheel, but if you had 1 drink 2 hours before, watch what you say.


East valley vehicular savagery


Is the media still grinding on this?? Who cares?? Drunk drivers are EVERYWHERE and yet this guy becomes the face of drunk driving?? You might be surprised to know how many members of azfamily have drunk driving convictions...


So you do not care that he was driving drunk? Why? Because the idiot is part of your god (football)? And no I am not surprised about how many azfamily members have drunk driving convictions (if you can call getting off with a hand slap a conviction) Certain people get off with no punishment depending on who they are.


No wonder the Cardinals suck so bad. The entire front office is getting drunk everyday. Just continued right along even without BA partying with them.


Filthy drunk . Sucio borracho. [censored]


10 year old Tahoe for a COO? Clearly business is NOT good.

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