Editor's note: The Chandler Police Department released body-camera video of the incident on March 28, 2019. Click here to watch it.

CHANDLER, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - It's been almost three days since a Chandler couple last saw their children. It all began with a trip to the doctor because their toddler had a high fever. Now all three of their children are in the custody of the Department of Child Safety.

Police said the incident started on Feb. 25, when parents Sarah Beck and Brooks Bryce brought their 2-year-old son Heber to the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine because the child was suffering from a fever.

Beck says the doctor found Heber's temperature to be 105 degrees and instructed them to take him to the ER, mentioning a concern for meningitis.

Once in her car, his mother retook his temperature and found it was going down.

"He's acting normal. He's dancing with his sisters in his car seat. And I take his temperature and it's 102," said Beck.

So they went home. She says by then the fever had dropped even more.

"We love our children, we love them. If our children needed help, we would absolutely help them," said Beck. "I told the doctor that I'd bring my son back for her to check and make sure that his fever was lower, and she said she wouldn't see him, and I had to take him in."

The doctor, learning they had not gone to the ER, called DCS, and later that night, the family got a visit from Chandler police.

Officers went to the family's home to check the child's welfare, but no one answered the door, even though police could hear "someone coughing inside one of the bedrooms," according to the police report.

After several failed attempts to get someone to open the door, police called the boy's father.

Police said Bryce answered the phone but told police that his son's fever had broken and "he was fine." According to the police report, Bryce was "argumentative and refused to exit the residence to talk with officers or DCS investigators."

"Like we're holding our kids hostage or they're deathly ill or barely alive. He was perfectly fine. He was in my arms sleeping. As I was on the phone with the officer I took his temperature, it was 100 degrees. There's no reason to give up my kids because he has a temperature of 100 degrees and sleeping," said Bryce.

When those inside the house continued to refuse to open the door, police said, "The decision was made to force entry of the home for DCS in order to take custody of the child."

According to the police report, they made the decision to go inside the home because:

-"there was a present danger [to the child] that required immediate medical attention"

-"Brooks and Sarah refused to come outside and refused to let DCS check on the welfare of [the child]."

-"There was a court order signed by the judge giving DCS temporary custody of [the child] in order to get him medical treatment."

So, police forced open the door. According to the police statement: "The front door was breached and the family members were called out of the residence."

The family's security camera recorded the moment police kicked open the door.

Inside the residence, two additional children (aged 4 and 6) were located, and police say they were also suffering "similar symptoms to include vomiting," according to the police document.

Inside the home, police said conditions were so cluttered and messy in the children's rooms that it was "difficult to walk in the rooms." One officer wrote in the police report, "There was clutter everywhere. The house was filled with items everywhere I looked."

The officer also said there were stains in the children's bedrooms and that children had told police they had vomited several times in their beds.

Police also said that inside the parents' room, "a shotgun was lying next to the bed, against the wall, and was not locked or secured."

"The clutter was laundry on our couch," said Bryce.

He says the children had been vomiting, but they were moved from their beds to sleep with their parents after messing their own beds.

As for the shotgun, he said, "it actually is inert. It does not work."

Two of the children were transported to the hospital by ambulance, while the third was transported by DCS. The 2-year-old was later admitted to the hospital, according to police.

Their parents have not heard from them since.

"I'm just beside myself. I just want my kids. I just want to know are they OK?" said Beck.

No charges were filed at the time. But police said detectives will follow up to determine if there are any criminal charges to pursue against the parents.


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(34) comments


Police/DCS were put in an impossible situation here. Imagine the public outcry if they had not acted and the kid died. Instead they are FORCED to take action (which they do legally) and they're still castigated and called Gestapos. Shameful. If you ever wonder why police officers HATE the public in general and the media specifically, look no further than this example.


Does no one read or look further before commenting? The police made SEVERAL attemps to have the parents come out and talk before they had the order for temporary removal. They gave ample opportunity for the parents to avoid having their door busted and kids forcibly removed. The father fully refused repeatedly to come out, and said “no thank you” to the officer. The police have no idea if the kid is in there in serious condition or dead. what they do know is that it was recommended they go get immediate help for their kid, they never went to get care, and the parents are claiming all their kids are sick but fine yet refusing to allow police to do their welfare check. What? Are they supposed to take their word for it? And what happens if they did that and then the child dies? The comments would definitely be different on here, that’s for sure.


Is there an update on this story?


omg! I agree if the doctor was that worried about the child then why did he/she not put the child in the hospital right then and there. this is why so many children are taken from the only home they know into a life of more craziest, unfamilur, unknown, etc, etc for the child and you don't think how the child feels not knowing any body or any one? to me that's crazy. leave the children alone, the child was sleeping (and usually when your sick you sleep) and you people woke the child up? that's crazy. I seen and heard that cps take children out of what seems to be a bad situation into alot worse situation. also cps get thousands and thousands of dollars for every child in there custody. that is what this is all about. the money!!!!!.....


The parents took the child to a Naturopathic college that offers Phd's not M.D.'s. i.e. there wasn't a real doctor with admitting priveleges


A fake doctor (naturopath) can’t make them do anything... Are you serious?


If the child was that sick then why didn't the doctor 1) call for an ambulance 2) start an I.V. 3) try to cool the child to prevent the child from having a seizure ? Why just hand the child back to mom and say go the E.R.? Time to find a new doctor.


My pediatrician’s office is across the street from the hospital. When my son needed to be admitted from her office to the hospital, she called over to the ER and began the admitting process while I drove him across the street. He didn’t need an ambulance and there was no need for me to pay the extra bill when she trusted I’d drive him right over (and be there quicker than waiting on the ambulance to arrive). This isn’t that uncommon.


The parents took the child to a Naturopathic college that offers Phd's not M.D.'s. i.e. there wasn't a real doctor with admitting priveleges or could not administer IVs.


1) 2) They weren’t a real doctor...

The naturopath even told them to go to the ER... A fake doctor even knew he had meningitis and could die from 105 fever. Which he can.

3) that’s not gonna cure meningitis.. are you insane?


A: They didn't answer the door when the police arrived, the police then had to go get a Judge to sign a warrant.
B: The house was in such a state of disarray and unhealthy that the police and DCS wore masks.
C: The doctor and DCS will ALWAYS err on the side of caution for the child. This house was clearly not livable for children. The parents are not telling the truth, you can tell by their speech and glazed over eyes that they probably have massively compromised immune systems.
D: The Doctor did everything 100% by the books of what Doctors are supposed to do. No, the temp wasn't 100.5.

What if the story was about how a kid had to have his limbs amputated because of a meningitis infection? What if this was a story of parents torturing kids? The law will always always always do this to make sure the kids are okay and healthy.

Take a step back and put down your pitchforks.


Look up meningitis. Limbs amputated doesn't compute.


Look up 105 degree fever... the toddler could have died.


Meningitis can frequently cause septic shock and occasionally hemorrhagic adrenitis (bleeding into your adrenal glands so can’t make epinephrine or cortisol to keep your BP up) both of which require vasoactive drugs to keep your blood pressure up enough to keep you alive but often causes death and loss of limbs. It’s devastating but unfortunately a very real occurrence :(


And you do not believe in the US Constitution? Or just who are you protecting?


Erring on the side of caution and a reasonable thought process. This one thing. "There was a court order signed by the judge giving DCS temporary custody of [the child] in order to get him medical treatment." Once there is a court order and it is signed by a judge, that makes it legal.


That depends on who knows what judge


No. It literally is legal no matter what judge you know.


the doctor, DCS, and the cops are all out of bounds on this one. good reason to sue all three for harassment and child abuse.


The parents took the child to a Naturopathic college that offers Phd's not M.D.'s. i.e. there wasn't a real doctor with admitting priveleges


It's too bad there wasn't a family dog for the police to shoot.
My goodness ... a shotgun and a messy house ... they should have locked them up!!


This is criminal! I hope police and DCS are held accountable for these atrocious acts. It is criminal to wake up a sleeping child who’s recovering by breaking down the door at 1am. This is government power run amok.

Every family with three small kids who’ve been under the weather has a messy home.

Taking children for fever and messy home is an absolute outrage.

Putting these kids in hospital and traumatizing them further it’s betond comprehension.

I really hope these acts will finally wake up the population and they will finally demand that justice be served by disciplining DCS and Chandler police for these heinous acts.


Really? What would you do if your doctor told you your kids temp was 105 and to take them to the hospital immediately? Why isn't this story about a doctor that had a child with a fever that could be lethal, that sent the child away without putting him in an ambulance? Why wouldn't the parents be so concerned they'd practically fly to the emergency room. That child could have died or suffered serious brain damage. No...we won't talk about the neglect surrounding this child. We have to lash out and blame DCS.


The temperature wasn't 105, it was 100.5.


It was 105...


And to back up what John said, the mother alleges it was 102 in the car and 100 when they got home, but this doesn't really help their in my opinion case for two reasons.

1) there are herbal compounds that can reduce fever. So if the naturopath gave the child something it could have temporarily had a positive effect on the child.

2) The parents clearly have a deep distrust of doctors, hospitals and medicine; both the parents and children are unvaccinated and they brought a child with a 105 fever to a naturopath. Therefore it's very possible the parents would have done anything to avoid them, including lying about the child's improved condition.

If they were telling the truth, all they had to do was allow the DCS to conduct the wellness check.


It's not criminal, it's 100% within the law and it was done to protect these kids. Read the article, don't just watch the video. It wasn't a "messy home" it was a filthy pig pen if DCS and the police had to wear face masks.


You don’t recover from meningitis with sleep... Even the fake doctor they went to called CPS. Which they ignored multiple times.

Putting them in the hospital will save them from death.


Not surprised to learn none of those kids were vaxxed. Hope DCS is quarantining them away from other children .


Why? Aren't the other kids vaccinated?


Not ones that are too young or have health conditions that affect their ability to get vaccinated.

JF Conlon

wally trump is going to keep the USA free from pandemics, epidemics and general pestilences . . . so our kids won't be needing those nasty old shots


Support government funded abortion services.

JF Conlon

Ah . . . could this be Mr Malthus? Have to agree with you on this one, but with a kid named Heber, thatt's not gonna happen.

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