Police say 45-year-old Matthew Coates inappropriately touched himself during a massage

Police say 45-year-old Matthew Coates inappropriately touched himself during a massage

CHANDLER, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- A Chandler man was arrested after “touching himself” during a massage appointment, according to Chandler police.

According to the police report, 45-year-old Matthew Coates inappropriately touched himself during a massage on Nov. 29, 2018.

The massage therapist told Chandler police in an interview that 45-year-old Matthew Coates had contacted her through Facebook to set up a 90-minute evening appointment.

The therapist worked at a medical office during the day and her employer allowed her to do freelance massage work at night when the office was not open, according to the police report.

Coates had never received a massage from her before.

According to Chandler police, Coates talked throughout the massage but during the last 30 minutes, he asked the therapist to massage his inner thighs and she refused.

Coates made a sexual comment to the massage therapist and she told him his massage was over.

After the session, Coates paid the $90 bill and added a $50 tip.

Shortly after he left, she called Chandler police and reported the incident.

During the investigation, Chandler police helped the massage therapist set up another appointment with Coates to plan a time and date for his arrest.

On Dec. 27, 2018, Coates arrived at the appointment and Chandler police arrested Coates.

During an interview with officers, Coates admitted to inappropriately touching himself, apologized, and said he would not contact the massage therapist.

He was cited and released for a single violation of public sexual indecency.


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(7) comments


According to the headline he touched himself, but nothing in the article references that. Says that he only asked her to massage his inner thighs. Confusing.


50 dollar tip and no happy ending? This guy should have called the cops for getting ripped off!


Probably the only way you can get laid.


Glad to see we're devoting criminal justice resources to taking real criminals off the street....


Right?! He said something inappropriate, so lets set up a sting operation and entrap him. Ugh.


Contrary to popular belief, massage therapists aren't sex workers. You can't just order them to basically massage your d*ck. Because you have such a boner for 'law and order' and whatnot, you should realize this is a crime.

JF Conlon

It's the name that's the problem. I have a friend who is a licensed massage therapist. She is NOT listed in any newspaper back pages or websites as giving personal massages you will never forget, or wearing only lace underware etc. Sort of like being gay used to mean being lighthearted and happy.

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